coffee scrub

This weekend was a fairly quiet one. We stayed low. The kids weren’t 100% so we just really stayed around the home. But the weather was beautiful. It didn’t go below 10 degrees. Yes, that is warmer weather here! On Saturday Joe took Noah to the park while Siena and I had a (much needed) sleep in and the rest of the weekend was playing in the backyard and breathing in that fresh air! So, because of this nicer weather I felt the need to put on some tan and give my skin a healthy glow. One of my favourites right now is St Tropez with their tanning mit. It gives the best colour! For more of my favourite fake tans read this post. Before I apply my tan I like to exfoliate. Something everyone should always do to give a nice clean smooth slate. I normally always make my own. I use to always use The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub but over the years I have found it just as easy to make my own! Plus I really enjoy making my own skin care products. I pretty much use coconut oil for everything. Literally everything, my babies, me, baking, cooking, my […]

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I know Easter is not about gifts and if anything it should just be celebrated as a religious festival. But, of course, we do celebrate it with the family whether we go to church or not and eat a lot of chocolate, like, a lot and various other festive foods over that long weekend. In saying that, I am not even sure what we are doing yet! If you’re like me, then you don’t really want your kids eating a lot of chocolate. I am totally okay with some, we are human and it’s nice to treat your kids from time to time but I think small amounts are best. Especially when they are so young. Noah being 3 this year I’m okay with a little chocolate. Like a kinder surprise egg or the like but Siena I am reluctant to give any. Maybe a mini egg or a bit broken off from my (hopefully) giant egg 😉 So I have put together a little Easter gift guide for the little ones of alternative ideas to chocolates. Just fun little options. Nothing extravagant-I mean, it’s not Christmas. Little gifts you could put in a hamper/Easter basket or maybe in a dollar store […]

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Chocolate chia avocado smoothie

This chocolate chia avocado smoothie came about because I was experimenting with trying to add avocado to my smoothies. There is a local place near us that has the most delicious pineapple avocado smoothies. Pinterest is full of recipes with avocado in them. Plus it’s one of my most favourite fruits (fruit, who knew?) The health benefits of Avocado Avocados are packed full of nutrients. Such as Vitamin K (which helps with blood clotting, prevents heart disease and is essential in growing strong bones), Folate (our bodies need this to make DNA and other genetics, which is essential for unborn babies), Potassium (more than bananas!) High in fibre – Which can reduce blood sugar spikes, aids in weight loss and helps with gut health. Lowers Cholesterol Eating Avocados with other highly nutritious foods actually helps you absorb the nutrients from the other foods The antioxidants (Lutein and Zeaxanthin) in avocados are great for your eyes These are just a few points of how amazing Avocados are for you!  Just like avocados chia seeds are SO good for you as well. So together in this smoothie, these two pack a high nutrition, powerful punch! This particular smoothie came about because I […]

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Despite waking to living in a snow globe yesterday morning, I still have hopes that spring is around the corner. The sun did come out for the better part of the day and Noah and I got to play outside while Siena napped so that was nice. Then the snow, snow sort of hail (is that a thing?) and more snow came in the afternoon. I am finished with the snow now, thank you. HOWEVER, it is going to be 14 degrees this weekend! It doesn’t sound warm at all, especially if you are not from Alberta but it’s a good start, trust me. I have compiled a spring wish list of a few of my favourites and they are affordable. Ain’t nobody got time for wish lists that are completely out of reach! Clearly I have a favourite colour. This wasn’t intentional but who doesn’t love blue and denim! I love this simple frill sleeve dress from Zara, I would pair with some booties or flat sandals. I couldn’t find any long flowy dresses that I really love just yet! I don’t find dresses too practical (even though I did add one in) with my two kids anyway. But I […]

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swimming and soccer

The kids both started swimming lessons on Saturday. It’s Siena’s first ever swimming lessons and Noah’s first time swimming with an instructor, without Joe or myself. Both of them did great! Siena found it all a bit so so. Didn’t laugh, didn’t cry. So I chalk that up to a good time. Noah on the other hand, I was watching him whilst I was in the class with Siena (we were lucky enough to get the lessons at the same time) was having the absolute time of his life! He was diving under the water splashing around, kicking and mostly doing what he was being told. So I was proud of him! If you know Noah, then you would know why I was nervous about him going into the water by himself without one of us. He’s a very stubborn boy (as most 3 year olds can go) but he is also one that can’t really be negotiated with just yet. So I was very relieved when I saw him constantly smiling and having a great time. The tantrum he threw at the end was an obvious sign that he was enjoying himself too 😉   If you read my last […]

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Recently I decided to change my hair up. I love being blonde, I always feel nice and fresh and just love the colour my hair stylist gives me. But I feel like I need a bit of a change. I have done balayage before, when I was pregnant with Noah. I wanted something that was low maintenance, cheaper (in the long run, because that was an expensive salon visit!) and also because it was a new thing and as all new things go, I wanted to get on board. This time I was inspired from my trip back home to Australia (read all about it here) the low maintenance is still a big reason, I am tired of going to the salon every 7 weeks, but another reason is to have the ‘easy going’ look. Balayage, to me gives off a beachy look. I do realise where I live is basically in the prairies far, far away from water/beach/ocean. But it’s in my blood, so that’s enough. However, trying balayage out again, makes me VERY nervous. I have in my mind what I would like, but my biggest worry is that I won’t get what I have pictured in my mind. The […]

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