Yesterday a mummy friend and I organized to spend a day at the Zoo. It was a gorgeous day. 25 degrees and perfect to be outside. We had been many times last summer but haven’t been since. It was so fun to take the two older kids back. They are both 2.5 years old so this time around they really enjoyed seeing all the animals.

A day at the zoo

Last year Noah was terrified of the dinosaur exhibit, I thought this year he would be better, he has quite a few dinosaur toys and he’s seen a few dino movies, surely this year he would appreciate it. I thought wrong. He was just as terrified, only difference is this time he was scared at the sight and sound of the very first dinosaur. Last year we got all the way to the giant T-Rex which is at the end. I guess we will just stick to the movie the good dinosaur for now. I was obsessed with dinosaurs as a kid so I have to say I’m taking this a little to heart 😉

Noah’s jam is the fish, they are all Nemo to him so they were a hit as well as the butterflies, or bugs as he referred to them. At home he loves showing me the bugs he finds, he’s never scared to pick them up. It’s actually really cute and I love that he’s so interested and excited when he finds them.

zoo3 zoo4

We let them have their run around at the playground to burn off some energy. So cute watching them follow each other. They have known each other since they were only a few months old!


This whole time my sweet girl was so quiet and happy to be worn around all morning, not even as much as a whimper. She’s such a good girl.


When we got home we all crashed. Literally, all 3 of us slept for a few hours. The Zoo and sun really took it out of us. In a good way!

The day was so nice and exactly what I needed. As a stay at home mummy it can get a little lonely. As much as I love my babies and love that I have the opportunity to be home with them,you can feel isolated. Before I realize it, I have gone weeks without seeing my own mummy friends. Sometime our schedules just don’t work out. So catching up with them is all the more sweeter. Having the company, drinking coffee, telling our horror toddler stories. Basically just having someone to vent to whilst our littles ones get to play. Everybody wins!





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