A mini road trip

Rain. All. Week. End

Another Saturday spent inside all day. But it really wasn’t terrible. There is something cozy about spending a rainy day inside. Plus we had some fun.

Noah discovered the sled that had been stored away



We made up for it on Sunday. We took a mini road trip drove to Cochrane for a wander around and ice cream; which is never a bad idea. Mackay’s ice cream in Cochrane usually always has a line up out the front but we got lucky. Even though it was a beautiful day for some reason it was a ghost town. Probably because Calgary Stampede was offering free admission before midday. Whatever the reason, we got our ice cream quick which is necessary when you have an excited 2-year-old.

After Cochrane we drove to Bragg Creek, we have never really spent time there but its beautiful. It’s a quaint little town, surrounded by a large forest and lots of hiking trails. You instantly feel like you are in the mountains and not at all like a half hour away from Calgary. We were lucky enough to spot a few deer. We will probably be back soon!




The many choices of ice cream flavours!
The many choices of ice cream flavours!








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