Yesterday was just one of  ‘those days’. The morning started off way better than I would have expected. A friend and I made plans to take the kids to the library for story time. I got Siena down for her nap. Normally I don’t bother having morning showers anymore but my hair was gross. In hind site I should have just sprayed a can (that’s how much it needed) of dry shampoo and have myself ready earlier. But I decided to shower.

Noah had one too, he loves anything water, so he played in the shower while I could wash my hair and start getting myself look presentable for public. All was going well. I woke Siena up, gave her a feed and off we went. However I was a few minutes before 11 and because its first in first served, the class filled up and we missed out. I’m not placing blame here, but our town is pretty big. I think it’s time the library takes more kids in these group activities or makes you register. So people don’t miss out. Especially after all the effort it takes to get a toddler out the door!

Anyway, I thought maybe we will just stay to read a few books, play, wait for our friends and make plans from there. Nope, I should have known better. The library felt like it was 35 degrees inside, It was so hot. The place was packed and loud. My little adventurer just wanted to walk around, and accidentally stood on some kid’s (I won’t say what I really thought of him) activity/busy board so he screamed at Noah for doing so, which upset Noah. On the way out he almost got barreled over by some other woman who wasn’t watching where she was going and never apologized. That was the last straw, I was getting the eff out of there, the whole library had some weird vibe.

Was it a full moon? So we left, Noah was upset because we were heading back to the car, but I decided we would go to the park instead. I finally got both kids in the car and slowly reverse out, as I normally do and bang another car and I collide. Now I will say I looked both ways and every direction as I reversed out because I am a very cautious reverser.

I always worry about someone else hitting me or me hitting them (FOR THIS REASON!).  I turned to look in my rear view as I always do, right before I finished reversing and I saw another SUV right there so I hit my breaks but she didn’t and bang. She hit me. It’s a parking lot and apparently they are usually always 50/50. So that’s unfortunate. I do think I was reversing first. She probably does too.

On impact Noah was stunned and Siena instantly started whaling. I felt sick to my stomach. Checked over my babies to make sure they were okay, which they were. The bang, although minor, was really loud and it scared them. It scared me too, I was shaking. I have never been in an accident before.


After all was said and done, I took my babies home, in tears (me, not them). I felt guilty for scaring them, mad at the other driver and myself. Frustrated at all the phone calls I was going to have to make to have this situation resolved.

With this incident happening it made me more aware of how quick and instant things can happen. You can take every precaution out there to look after your family and yourself, but you can’t predict what someone else will do. I am so lucky that both my babies, myself and the other vehicle’s driver were okay. My car does not have much damage at all.

We all walked away from this fine, although shaky. Some people are not so lucky. I may give driving a rest for a day or two but I am really appreciating the health and safety of my sweet babies and myself.





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