When I was pregnant with Noah we, like all first time parents, had no idea what to expect. We went into parenthood with no preconceived notion in terms of routine and parenting style. I read a couple of books on pregnancy and the first year, we also did a 6 week newborn parenting class but that was the extent. For us, I think going in open-minded worked. Once Siena came into the picture it was easy to adjust and add her into Noah’s routine. Of course it was no easy transition and thank god for my mum staying with us for a few weeks. But, we knew what worked in the past and what didn’t. All babies are different, ours were like chalk and cheese. Siena napped and slept amazing, Noah did not.


Noah was not a good sleeper, I would ask what newborns are, but I have heard the contrary from some lucky parents! If he wasn’t sleeping on us then he was wake every hour, the only thing consoling him was boob. Back then I had absolutely no clue that he was using me as a dummy, I actually thought he was feeding for 3 hours straight! Seriously in the fog of new mother and zero sleep so I had no clue what was normal or not. Day time was the same too. After help with a lactation consultant because he had both a tongue and lip tie, we got back on track and I learned how important a routine was when it came to sleep. So I got him into one and stuck with it no matter what.

When it was time to introduce food I was very particular in what I wanted him to eat and I wanted it all to be home-made and organic if possible. He rarely ate much sugar, he never had cookies whether they were organic, homemade or what. Noah never really got that sweet taste of heaven for a long time!

However, for us, the second baby was a little more lucky in some instances. Some rules and routines were bent simply because it didn’t work with a second baby in the mix or because we literally had no time or energy to care about them anymore. For the most part a lot stayed the same, I am still a firm believer in routine, I was determined to breastfeed both my babies and I am 100% for safely co sleeping, although sometimes I prefer to have a giant king bed all to myself! But I believe big on doing what works for everyone to be happy, healthy and well rested. These are 9 rules that changed after baby number 2 for us…


All natural

This one has changed to 50/50 now. I used all natural products on Noah and myself because I was breastfeeding, god forbid his delicate new baby skin touched my non-natural detergent clothing…so I signed us up to honest company nappies and wipes along with their household cleaning items. Cloth diapers were even on my agenda. I bought a bunch and used them maybe a handful of times. I do still like to use a natural skin care line on both the kids, mostly because Siena does actually have sensitive skin and it is proven to be better for them but I stick to good old huggies nappies for her. I do like to use baby organics wipes, because I think a more natural product on their delicates is important.

Only home-made food

This was also 50/50 I made a lot of Siena’s first foods and puree at the beginning but once she moved past puree and mushy food she was eating what we ate just cut up smaller. With Noah I made him a special meal or cooked and froze lots of different options for both lunches and dinners. Siena was having a good old Vegemite sandwich at 10 months, unlike Noah’s pork, apple and sage meatballs. Lucky kid.

All Organic 

This one I now try to stick to the dirty dozen. But really it’s more like 5 items that I usually always get as organic. Because all organic is very pricey and when both your kids could each devour a punnet of blueberries in one sitting you have to start evaluating.

Firm routine 

I had no idea about routine prior to reading a couple of books. I honestly would have had no clue whatsoever on when to put my babies down for naps or bed time or even when to feed. I do believe in feeding on demand in the first few months but Noah would always fall asleep on me, never slept well, cried a lot so I had no idea when he was hungry or tired or when to put him down. If I had not read about sleep cycles or routines then I probably would have gone crazy. So I should mention I am 100% down for routine, every baby is different but Noah thrived off one. Siena naturally fell into a pattern. She was a very easy baby from the beginning. But Noah, I would stress if I didn’t have him fed at 5, bathed at 6, boob and 6:45 and bed at 7. Somewhere in there I had to have dinner together or on its way for Joe and I. It was very stressful. Now we are more relaxed. I won’t lie, at the beginning with Siena we had them both in bed by 7 but once we let go of being so strict it became so much easier.

No sugar 

I am pretty sure one of Siena’s first foods was ice-cream. Not that I am cheering us on as cool parents for giving our 5 month old ice cream. But, we went to Saskatoon farm which is famous for its saskatoon berry ice cream, we were all eating it, I gave her a lick and none of us died. 5 month old Noah was not allowed that. I know sugar is not good for anyone. But I think a treat from time to time is okay. We will all be okay.

Baby proof 

We of course did all the obvious things like anchor things down, outlet covers. Despite my best efforts, I cannot find a toilet child lock. I have lost count of all the cars and even a face washer that have been flushed down our toilet! (thanks Noah, the nice baby Aden & Anais face cloth) but one thing we didn’t do is get a baby gate. I think mostly because it slipped our mind, before we knew it she pretty much taught herself to crawl up the stairs and turn around and crawl down the stairs backwards. She’s a clever cookie!


This one makes me a little sad and nostalgic at the same time. I did so many things with Noah when he was a baby; baby and mummy yoga, library time, baby cafe, general baby groups. Some classes just aren’t directed towards a parent with two kids. It’s sad because Siena and I will never really get that opportunity.

Daily Outtings 

This is really because who wants to go out with two kids? Not me! The most I will do is the park, groceries for a very small amount of things, play dates, the zoo (I have done it once), indoor play places. That’s it. No malls, not big grocery shops, no museums. Could be because my toddler is mr independent and defiant probably like most toddlers, but I am always leaving places with a screaming toddler. Which makes Siena upset, which turns into me leaving places with two crying toddlers. I posted about those fun times here

No screen time

This is 2017. While there have been some studies I’m sure that prove that screen time is the devil it’s just how I cook dinner and get a lot of household duties done. I don’t need kids screaming and crying at my feet while I cook dinner because it’s the witching hour. Also, how else do you get to sleep in past 5:30/6am in the morning because you’re toddler says the sun’s awake, so I’m awake?


What are some things that have changed since you had baby number 2? or 3 or 4 …


9 rules that changed after baby number 2



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