A few months ago I was approached by a friend to join Rodan + Fields and become a skin care consultant. I was very curious about the idea of selling a skin care system and earning some extra cash on the side whilst getting discounted products myself, I was hesitant. Mainly because I had not tried any of their products, therefore, not prepared to sell something I do not whole heartedly love. So, she so graciously gave me the whole Redefine system with lots of samples to try. She was convinced I would love it as much as her!

A little information about the business…R+F started off in department stores and fast become the number 1 selling skin care line. After finding out they were majorly successful from referrals alone they then moved into direct selling. Now, they are on their way to becoming a billion dollar business (something I have been told by consultants and read on the internet). Some people are completely against these sorts of companies and refuse to purchase items from anyone who is a home seller and other people are more open to the idea. Personally, I am the latter. I don’t like to be sold to like I am at a car lot but if people have something that I find interesting and would actually use then I am all ears.

I have just finished every single product, so I thought I would give my honest opinion of the Redefine skin care line.

The samples

She gave me a few of the micro-dermabrasion paste sachet samples. I actually loved the product. There was not enough to see a drastic change in my skin, but with the 2 weeks worth that I was given my skin felt really smooth and looked brighter. I was also given a sample of a lip treatment (the name escapes me) and I liked that too. My lips felt really smooth but I’m not sure if I would go out of my way to purchase it. I always use lip balm at night before bed so anything works for me really.

Redefine Skincare System

Daily cleansing mask: I liked the idea of this face wash. You apply the mask to your face then leave to dry for a couple of minutes. After its dry you wash as you normally would to cleanse. I did however find it time consuming of a morning with two little kids it was an extra step that I didn’t always have time for. Of an evening I had more time but also found it impractical. If I was wearing makeup then I preferred to wash it off first with either Bioderma or my Neutrogena face wash and then after my shower apply the Redefine face wash. It was just another step that I couldn’t always be bothered to do. But overall I did like the results the mask gave. My skin always looked brighter in the morning and felt really clean and smooth after every application.

Pore minimizing toner: (not pictured) Toner is not normally a step I use in my regular skin care routine. I always double cleanse my face so I never feel the need for that extra step. However, to get the most out of this skin care system I used this product every morning and night. Which also made my skin feel and look clean, bright and smooth.

Overnight restorative cream: I liked this evening moisturiser. I think it contributed to my skin looking fresh in the morning. It also kept my face feeling nice and moisturised all night. The weather here in Alberta is very dry. All year round, in my opinion, so I never had that tight dry feeling once while using this product.

Triple defence treatment: I love that this moisturiser has an SPF 30. I only ever purchase daily moisturisers with an SPF. Using a separate sunscreen on top of a daily moisturiser is too heavy for my skin. An added sunscreen is so important for your skin, it doesn’t matter where in the world you live.


Overall I did enjoy the product. I am still unsure about the hefty price tag that goes along with the line but it was a very nice skin care system to trial. Whilst I did not see any drastic changes in my skin (I think that is due to Redefine being an anti-aging line and right now, besides a few lines here and there, it’s not a big issue of mine) It did give my skin a nice clear and brighter complexion. In the future I would actually like to try the Reverse line.


Have you tried Rodan + Fields? What do you think of their skin care?




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