Over the years I have tried many fake tans. From gradual lotions, foams, mousse, professional spray tans and at home tan in a can. There was a while there where I had a spray tan home business too. I love being tanned! It gives me confidence. Gives me an overall healthy look and I don’t have to wear much makeup at all.

The major benefit of fake tan is that its healthier for you. Sun safety has become very important for me within the last decade. Fact is the sun courses irreversible damage and can cause skin care. Both of which I don’t want and I absolutely do not want my children to have. I was also told by my doctor that most sun damage is caused in childhood. That is so scary! I want to protect my kids. So everyone needs to be sun safe. Slip, Slop, Slap.

Here I have curated a list of what I think are the best fake tans. I don’t get the chance to apply tan as much as I like but when I do I reach for one of these.

Best Fake Tans:

ST Tropez – This is my favourite right now. If I want a nice deep tan or have a special occasion coming up then I will use this one. Its green based so gives a really nice bronze and no oompa loompa effects.

Jergen’s natural glow – This is my go to gradual tan. I like that it’s a lotion so it’s moisturising me at the same time. I have talked about this product here, with several of my other “busy mum” products. I apply of an evening after my shower and try to apply every second night or so. To maintain a natural consistent tan.

Model Co. Tan in a can – I use to love love love this one as an 18-year-old. My best friend and I would spray each other every weekend so we had great tans for going clubbing. My how things have changed! Its been a few years since I have used it but it had an amazing colour. Down side to spray can is the mess. You have to apply either outside or in a shower. If you do that then you have to strategically wash the shower down without having the water run down your arm. The colour pay off is worth it though!

Fake Bake AirbrushAll Fake bake tans have a really nice bronze colour. It is also green based so it doesn’t make you a lovely shade of orange. However it is also a spray can so it has the same con as above.

Jamaica Me Tan – I thought I would add this one in, incase anyone was considering buying their own spray tan system or looking for a particular solution to be used on them. Hands down the best solution I have used. This is the product I used when I use to run my spray tans business. Also green based. It really does have a beautiful golden tan. The company makes 4 different shades; Light, medium, dark and ultra dark. They also have a rapid tan so the tan will develop quicker and you can shower sooner.


Has anyone tried any of these? What are your favourite self tanners?



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