The last couple of weekends we have gone to the lake. When you’re going somewhere that’s a couple of hours drive away, whether it is over night or for just a day, with two kids, you pretty much have to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Just for a day we end up taking an esky for the kids lunch for when we arrive and snacks. Swimmers, towels, several changes of clothes, different shoes, changes of clothes for us, nappies, wipes. The list kind of goes on! It only recently came to my attention that I don’t actually have a “weekender” style bag. Which is crazy to me with all the travelling we have done. But we only have suitcases and nothing really in between besides kids backpacks and some canvas bags. All not being very practical in size so we literally go with 3 plus bags.

So now I am on the hunt for the best leather weekender bags.  The reason I am choosing leather (or mostly leather) this time is because if you look after your leather correctly it will last a life time. Leather has so many benefits! It does come with a price tag for sure, which may be why I have never purchased a larger weekender style leather bag for over nights stays but I think the benefits make it worthwhile.

Some benefits of having a leather bag over canvas is the material is much stronger so it can withhold the constant movement and being tossed around when travelling. It is low maintenance, you don’t need to wash bags and over time the marks and stretching and softness gives more character to your bag. It is also one of the most waterproof out of all materials. Leather is also flexible and softens over time. And most important durable!

As I mentioned, leather can be expensive. So I have scoured the internet to look for affordable yet still stylish bags that would possibly fit everything we would need. And I have found the following top leather travel bags…

Top 5 Leather bags

Best leather weekender bags


Piel Duffel bag, Mahi Leather – The classic duffel, LeDonne distressed Leather duffel bag, Hershey Supply Co. Novel duffel bag, LLBean Leather duffel bag



Do you know any great deals on leather bags at the moment?


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