Happy Canada day!

It was beautiful weather today. We started off with pancakes and maple syrup, mainly because its like my favourite weekend breakfast and its Canada day weekend..Maple syrup = Canada.

Then we went to the parade that our town was holding. As always we pack everything, literally, into the car and once we find a spot, we realised we left half of our crap in the car. Really it was just water for us. Luckily the kids were sorted.

The location was good sight wise, but it was directly in the sun. Because we have a 2.5 year old we really can’t spend any time in one spot for too long. So he was not going to sit and wait in a lawn chair in the shade at 9am when the parade starts at 10am.  It was just not going to happen. So we left a bit later and for that reason we were kind of stuck in the sun. Luckily we (just the kids) were covered head to toe in some sunscreen (all natural organic, obvi). We lasted about 45 minutes, Noah was more interested in the bubble machine and the car you could paint.

He LOVES trucks


Baby girl was asleep before it began


The rest of the day was spent at home, the kids had long naps and Joe and I both got work outs in. Win, win. Ending with some home-made burgers and beers. Yes.



such a daddy's boy
such a daddy’s boy

So happy its a long weekend! What are your plans?





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