Monday was thanksgiving here in Canada, which made it a long weekend. I must admit we have a lot of long weekends here, mostly in summer, I won’t complain at all. But I really felt overdue for one. So it was nice to have Joe home another day!

We really didn’t do much at all this weekend. Most weekends we are usually out and about but now that it’s cooling down it’s hard to get the motivation to rug up and leave the house. Fall aka Autumn is a funny time of year. It’s beautiful with the leaves changing colour on the trees and the temperature cooling down. All the pumpkin spice flavours come out, literally in everything. Coffee whether it be Starbucks or other coffee shops, it’s also in creamers you can buy at the grocery store for your coffee you make at home. Then there is all the pumpkin spice candles. I have even seen cereal and the latest I saw was baileys in the ever popular flavour! But autumn is a season where you blink and you miss it. It’s cool for about a week and then it’s just plain cold and snows and continues on for what feels like years. 😉 Yes, it’s dramatic but Alberta is cold! However, for that really short period of time, Autumn is one of my favourites.

Canada Thanksgiving 2017-2
They can be Two peas in a pod, sometimes!

So naturally with all the pumpkin spice around I did some baking last week. When I bake I always look for refined sugar free recipes. I just cannot bring myself to put a cup or two of regular white sugar into my every day baking. Don’t get me wrong, those things taste delicious but I bake a lot. So I did find some good recipes on Pinterest.

As for the long weekend itself it was pretty low key, we mainly stayed home and it was perfect. We did brave costco on the Saturday and I went to my usual yoga class on Sunday, but they were the only times we actually left the house. For thanksgiving we cooked up a big spread of Ham, mashed potato, baked veggies and salad. No thanksgiving dinner is complete without a slice from the huge costco sized pumpkin pie we couldn’t resist buying. $6.99 for a giant pie! You would be crazy not to!

Canada Thanksgiving 2017

Now it’s back to regular eating healthy, at least until halloween. Which I am SO excited for! Noah’s really excited this year. He bounces between wanting to be buzz and spider man, he tells us that Siena is going to be a princess, daddy will be a super hero and mummy a witch. Thanks Noah, if it wasn’t because I wore a witch hat last year I would be highly offended! haha!


Her little loves

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