Today I checked off one of my fitness goals for this week, cardio. It wasn’t exactly a really high intensity workout but I was wearing Siena whose around 17 pounds and pushing Noah who is about 32 pounds and that worked up a sweat. In total it was around 45 mins which is pretty good. It’s actually a really pretty walk too so it is enjoyable.

no pictures!
no pictures mama!
Watching the ducks
Watching the ducks

Last week I was really unmotivated and felt really tired, the weather was kind of blah too but this week I’m trying to snap out of it. We needed bread so I thought the kids and I could go on an adventure. By adventure I mean getting two tired babies into the car and driving to the bakery to get some bread. Followed by a milkshake for Noah (for being so good) from Marble slab. Which is right next door. Because I am a cool mum 😉 also, because I wanted a sip.

All was going well but all good things come to and end, so it was time to go home for nap. Well, there were tears and screaming. I had no choice but to leave Noah, who was sitting on the table and chairs right next to our car to quickly buckle Siena in her seat and grab him. Kicking and screaming back to the car.

I was reminded about why I wait to do everything on daycare days. I got him in his seat, which resembles something like putting a cat in water, then he was over it. We beat the storm home and now I have two sleeping babies…for now…I should really nap, or do a load of laundry…


Picking out his next birthday cake
Picking out his next birthday cake
Cant talk, drinking
Can’t talk, drinking

Cardio and milkshakes is a good day 🙂


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