Recently I decided to change my hair up. I love being blonde, I always feel nice and fresh and just love the colour my hair stylist gives me. But I feel like I need a bit of a change. I have done balayage before, when I was pregnant with Noah. I wanted something that was low maintenance, cheaper (in the long run, because that was an expensive salon visit!) and also because it was a new thing and as all new things go, I wanted to get on board. This time I was inspired from my trip back home to Australia (read all about it here) the low maintenance is still a big reason, I am tired of going to the salon every 7 weeks, but another reason is to have the ‘easy going’ look. Balayage, to me gives off a beachy look. I do realise where I live is basically in the prairies far, far away from water/beach/ocean. But it’s in my blood, so that’s enough. However, trying balayage out again, makes me VERY nervous. I have in my mind what I would like, but my biggest worry is that I won’t get what I have pictured in my mind. The […]

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Spring summer feel

Last Friday there was a chinook. Which brought on a lovely warmer day. The sun was out, it was about 8 degrees, there was no winter coat require. I understand some people are reading this and thinking I am crazy because 8 degrees anywhere else would be cold. But, here in Alberta, when it’s been in the minus’ for what feels like forever, 8 is warm and very welcome. Anyway, I got that spring summer feel. Which made me want to get out my tan (just kidding, my tan is always out), bright nail polish and get a new summer scent. And ignore the fact that it then snowed all weekend and pretend like summer is maybe in our future. Which brings me to my latest finds… Bondi Sands every day gradual tanning milk: I have spoken about my favourite fake tans here which includes my favourite gradual tan but this Bondi Sands gradual tanning milk is fast moving to number one. At first I thought it was a bit slow with building colour compared to the Jergens one. But it is Bondi sands and I absolutely love their dark tanning foam, it’s my new favourite self tan (not mentioned in […]

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Top 5 mascaras

I am trying something new! without following the crowd by having ‘friday favourites’, I thought I would do Friday Fives instead. So I will pick 5 of my favourite things from any one area. Maybe not every single friday but whenever I feel I have a few top fives! So this week I have chosen mascara as my friday fives! Mascara is one of my most used, most loved makeup products I use. If I could only wear one makeup product, I think it would be mascara, but then maybe concealer too…and some bronzer…I hope I am never told that I could only use product! I am pretty happy with the length of my lashes. Although, I would like to try eyelash extensions one day! But I have heard they can damage or break your lashes, not something I really want! My eyelashes are fair in colour though, so despite their length I do need mascara to make my eyes pop. Three things I always look for with my mascaras. I always choose the blackest black, never waterproof and I never choose the plastic, hard brushes. I always get the soft style bristles.     Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart – I […]

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A few months ago I was approached by a friend to join Rodan + Fields and become a skin care consultant. I was very curious about the idea of selling a skin care system and earning some extra cash on the side whilst getting discounted products myself, I was hesitant. Mainly because I had not tried any of their products, therefore, not prepared to sell something I do not whole heartedly love. So, she so graciously gave me the whole Redefine system with lots of samples to try. She was convinced I would love it as much as her! A little information about the business…R+F started off in department stores and fast become the number 1 selling skin care line. After finding out they were majorly successful from referrals alone they then moved into direct selling. Now, they are on their way to becoming a billion dollar business (something I have been told by consultants and read on the internet). Some people are completely against these sorts of companies and refuse to purchase items from anyone who is a home seller and other people are more open to the idea. Personally, I am the latter. I don’t like to be sold […]

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Coconut Sugar Scrub

I love coconut oil. I’m obsessed. I buy the giant container from Costco. I use it often enough so I can justify the $30 and the pantry space it takes up. I use it in baking as a butter substitute, cooking and pretty much from head to toe externally. I also use it on my babies from time to time. The stuff is magic. It smells good, tastes good and has so many health benefits. If you’re not already, you should be using it too! Side note, I actually want to try oil pulling but I’m scared it will take out my fillings. Does anyone know if that would be the case? One of the things I use it for when it comes to beauty related is a DIY coconut and sugar scrub. A really yummy, desert like coconut and sugar body scrub. I like to give my body a good exfoliation. It renews your skin. It’s great before you apply tan too. The only down side to an oil based scrub is the bottom of your shower can get a little oily, so you need to be careful. I like to apply the scrub when I know I’m going […]

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best fake tans

Over the years I have tried many fake tans. From gradual lotions, foams, mousse, professional spray tans and at home tan in a can. There was a while there where I had a spray tan home business too. I love being tanned! It gives me confidence. Gives me an overall healthy look and I don’t have to wear much makeup at all. The major benefit of fake tan is that its healthier for you. Sun safety has become very important for me within the last decade. Fact is the sun courses irreversible damage and can cause skin care. Both of which I don’t want and I absolutely do not want my children to have. I was also told by my doctor that most sun damage is caused in childhood. That is so scary! I want to protect my kids. So everyone needs to be sun safe. Slip, Slop, Slap. Here I have curated a list of what I think are the best fake tans. I don’t get the chance to apply tan as much as I like but when I do I reach for one of these. Best Fake Tans: ST Tropez – This is my favourite right now. If I […]

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