DIY buttery melts for shower or bath

Introducing my DIY buttery melts for shower or bath! These are actually inspired from the Lush king of skin body butter bars which are designed to use in the shower. After washing yourself you use the bar to moisturize. Basically, it helps skip a step once you are out of the shower. I use to buy them religiously during my pregnancy with Noah specifically for my belly to give extra moisture to avoid stretch marks. When I had Siena I started using them again. But at $15.95 they can get pricey. Especially when they are used so often. So, I made my own. My first attempt at the home-made bars melted way too quickly, although they were super moisturizing each one was used too fast. With a 1-year-old and being pregnant I didn’t experiment any more after I had finished them. Until recently! I was in lush recently and saw the body butter bars and figured I will try making them again. And try I did! Without too much effort I think I made an almost perfect shower and bath melt. The reason I say almost is because in my next ones I would like to use cocoa butter too! The […]

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DIY Bath Bombs

This weekend we went to the zoo. The day was so much fun! The Zoo was really quiet because the weather was a little iffy, I guess no one wanted to chance it or leave the house on a yuck day (which turned out to be a really nice day). I find it is way busier when I go during the week! Siena is at an age now where she enjoys seeing all the animals, I would even say probably more than Noah! So she got really excited, especially when we saw the penguins and the hippos, whom I have never seen in so much action! At the end we thought we would treat the kids to a little toy or something from the gift store (it’s really me, because I’m a sucker for a gift shop!) We found some little fizzy eggs that you can put in the bath or a bucket of water and they have a little toy animal in them. I thought they were a cute little idea. They didn’t have any scent or benefit to them but the kids love the bath bombs from Lush so we knew it would be a hit, of which they were. […]

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Coconut milk bath soak

We live in Alberta so the weather here is DRY. So incredibly dry, I don’t think my body will ever get use to it. We even turned the humidity up in our house to help ease the dryness, which it did. But it also gave us crazy condensation on the windows so we had to take it down a notch and not pretend like we live in the tropics. So, because of the said dryness I am constantly moisturizing. My skin, the kids skin, my lips, even at night I put paw paw ointment up my nose! TMI? Anyway, on top of our skin feeling dry it makes the coughs the kids inevitably get in the winter last even longer. So we have humidifiers, vaporizers and defusers spread all throughout our rooms. Which is how this Coconut milk bath soak came about. I like to experiment and make different body and bath products, mostly because it’s fun but they also have proven to be quite beneficial. Along with my coconut milk bath soak I have blogged some other recipes like my coconut sugar scrub and coffee scrub. I am not sure if I have made it clear enough yet, but I LOVE […]

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coffee scrub

This weekend was a fairly quiet one. We stayed low. The kids weren’t 100% so we just really stayed around the home. But the weather was beautiful. It didn’t go below 10 degrees. Yes, that is warmer weather here! On Saturday Joe took Noah to the park while Siena and I had a (much needed) sleep in and the rest of the weekend was playing in the backyard and breathing in that fresh air! So, because of this nicer weather I felt the need to put on some tan and give my skin a healthy glow. One of my favourites right now is St Tropez with their tanning mit. It gives the best colour! For more of my favourite fake tans read this post. Before I apply my tan I like to exfoliate. Something everyone should always do to give a nice clean smooth slate. I normally always make my own. I use to always use The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub but over the years I have found it just as easy to make my own! Plus I really enjoy making my own skin care products. I pretty much use coconut oil for everything. Literally everything, my babies, me, baking, cooking, my […]

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DIY honeycomb shelves

As mentioned in a previous post here, Joe and I made these gorgeous DIY honeycomb shelves. Which were actually really easy. Yes, I only painted and he did the measuring and building but I also had to entertain a 2.5 year old who just wanted to help daddy, so I am fairly certain that was the hardest of the two jobs. I have seen these shelves on a few children’s interior sites and while it would have been easier to buy online there is something more satisfying and special about making something yourself for your children. It was also cheaper. Big bonus there! You don’t need much at all, the main thing is knowing someone with a saw. Luckily for us we actually own one – Thanks to my dad and Joe building our deck last year! We had some wooden bed slats from an Ikea bed that broke when we moved into our house. Joe kept the wooden slats because he felt like he could use the wood one day. That one day finally came! I think we got our moneys worth from that bed 😉 Materials: Miter saw Wood Drill Nails Paint – if you wish to paint! […]

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Yesterday a mummy friend and I organized to spend a day at the Zoo. It was a gorgeous day. 25 degrees and perfect to be outside. We had been many times last summer but haven’t been since. It was so fun to take the two older kids back. They are both 2.5 years old so this time around they really enjoyed seeing all the animals. Last year Noah was terrified of the dinosaur exhibit, I thought this year he would be better, he has quite a few dinosaur toys and he’s seen a few dino movies, surely this year he would appreciate it. I thought wrong. He was just as terrified, only difference is this time he was scared at the sight and sound of the very first dinosaur. Last year we got all the way to the giant T-Rex which is at the end. I guess we will just stick to the movie the good dinosaur for now. I was obsessed with dinosaurs as a kid so I have to say I’m taking this a little to heart 😉 Noah’s jam is the fish, they are all Nemo to him so they were a hit as well as the […]

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