Father's day

This weekend was so fun! The weather was beautiful. On Saturday we decided to go to the lake. The kids had a great time having a water balloon fight with their cousin and seconds cousins. If it involves being outside, in the sun and water then these kids are guaranteed a good time. Noah was obsessed with playing on the boat. Which wasn’t on the water yet. On the drive there they only slept half an hour. They didn’t stop the entire 8 hours we were there and also didn’t fall asleep on the way home which was VERY unusual. So they were in bed at 1030pm. Way past their bed times but the little champs didn’t complain once. It was amazing. Siena slept in on Sunday, Father’s day, Noah of course, did not. It was an early rise for Joe. I would have gladly gotten up with Noah and give Joe the time to sleep in but he’s a daddy’s boy through and through so if daddy is home on a weekend (or any day of the week) then Noah wants to “go down stairs” with him. To avoid feeling any guilt I got up too and made waffles. […]

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6 Tips for successful potty training

I will start off by saying I am by no means an expert at potty training. I only have one child who is potty trained, I still have an 18 month old who is in nappies and I am quite okay with that. But my 3-year-old is both night and day potty trained and I thought maybe I can pass on some tips that helped us out for anyone whose about to start this journey with their toddler. I will also be using these tips for our daughter when I feel she is ready to be potty trained too. Noah is a very defiant toddler so I thought we would have our work cut out for us with training him, but he actually took to it easily. Like way too easily. Like I am expecting the ball to drop somewhere. Siena will probably be the tough one! When it came to night training Noah did that all by himself. I don’t think we can take too much credit. We did have a couple of accidents but for the most part we are really proud with how he transitioned. It started because he did not want to wear his pull-up anymore […]

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When I think back of 26-year-old pregnant me and the worries I had of becoming a mother, I have to laugh, because it is without a doubt one of the biggest achievements I have had in my life. Now that I have two childrenĀ I can think of many things I would tell my ‘first time mum’ self. Although Joe may disagree šŸ˜‰ I think I was pretty calm about pregnancy and childbirth. One of my major worries was not being around my family for the pregnancy and birth. Going through pregnancy and birth and having a newborn without your mum close by is a sad feeling. Fortunately both my parents were in Canada for the birth of Noah and again my mum was here for the birth of Siena but then, of course, they had to go back home. And then it’s just me. I remember when my parents left after their visit for Noah’s birth I cried all day long. It took me a good week to get back into the swing of things. Even though this was a new normal to get into the swing of things for, I was home with a newborn. As much as I […]

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This past weekend was beautiful weather! Saturday some girlfriends and I went out for pedicures and high tea. It was amazing! We are all mummies, which is how we know each other, and it was one of their birthday celebrations. Something we all really needed to do; taking some ‘me time’. There was no time limit and that was great. Uninterrupted time away just for us to talk about anything, walking away with pretty toes and eating some really yummy sandwiches, cakes, scones and drinking good tea. Exactly what the doctor ordered. Funny how quickly that relaxation time comes to a screeching halt when you walk in the door! #mumlife. Ā But self-care and taking some ‘me time’ is so important for your wellbeing. Sunday we went against our usual vow of “we are never taking the kids to the mall again” and went to the mall, again. It wasn’t terrible but there were a couple of little hiccups. Needless to say we didn’t leave with what we went there for. But we did have fun at the little arcade. I am pretty sure I enjoy it way more than the kids. On our way home we decided to stop at […]

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