Top 5 leather bags

The last couple of weekends we have gone to the lake. When you’re going somewhere that’s a couple of hours drive away, whether it is over night or for just a day, with two kids, you pretty much have to pack everything but the kitchen sink. Just for a day we end up taking an esky for the kids lunch when we arrive and snacks. Swimmers, towels, several changes of clothes, different shoes, changes of clothes for us, nappies, wipes. The list kind of goes on! It only recently came to my attention that I don’t actually have a “weekender” style bag. Which is crazy to me with all the travelling we have done. But we only have suitcases and nothing really in between besides kids backpacks and some canvas bags. All not being very practical in size so we literally go with 3 plus bags. So now I am on the hunt for a good weekend style bag. Specifically, I am looking for leather or mostly leather bag. The reason I am choosing leather this time is because if you look after your leather correctly it will last a life time. Leather has so many benefits! It does come […]

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Packing simple for toddlers when flying

We are certainly not seasoned travellers when it comes to travelling with toddlers. We have done plenty of travelling prior to kids and man do I miss those days! But when we do travel with our kids we tend to do the long long long (feels like eternity) haul flights. I am sure there are longer flights than Calgary to Sydney but that total of 18+hours of travel time (in air and layovers) is long enough! My main tip would be to keep the on board bag simple! The first time I travelled with Noah I was actually pregnant with him, so that doesn’t count. It was nice though, I had 3 whole seats to myself and I literally slept the entire time. Shortest flight of my life. However as Murphy’s law goes, the chances of having 1 free seat let alone 3 next to you, when you are travelling with babies or children is slim to none. My first solo trip with Noah to Australia was when he was 11 months. I was very lucky enough to have a spare seat next to me and then there was a lady at the window who was lovely and even offered help […]

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photos from our trip

It is hard to believe we have been back just over 4 weeks now. It sadly feels like much longer. I had big plans to blog while we were in Australia but to be honest it was hard to get the time and also I was just enjoying all that family time! The kids had the best time with their nanny and poppy, Aunties, uncles and cousins.  I had the best time seeing them make a connection with their relatives that they hadn’t seen for a long time, or in Siena’s case, not even met! This trip was jammed packed full of birthdays. We arrived on my dads 60th (!!), we were all so jet lagged and the kids sick. Then it was my 30th (even bigger !!!) and then it was Siena’s first birthday (the biggest !!!!!!) then it was my mum’s 60th and then Noah’s 3rd after Christmas. Crazy! But we actually had it planned that we would be there for all these special days. Most of our holiday was spent at the beach, eating, shopping, eating and shopping child free- so good to have everyone babysit! A trip to the aquarium, Symbio Zoo – you can feed kangaroos! […]

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Lake Louise

On Sunday we decided somewhat last-minute to go on a day trip out in the mountains, specifically Lake Louise. Joe graciously let Siena and I sleep in 😉 and after packing up a (giant) picnic lunch and getting ready we didn’t leave till 11am. But really, we had nowhere to be at a specific time, kids can nap in the car. So it was nice to be on our own time. We took the scenic drive out (1A Highway), which took much longer, in fact way longer than we expected but it was definitely worth the drive. It definitely looks like fall with the trees turning yellow. We were hoping to maybe catch some bears but alas it was just deer and mountain goat, which really never gets old for me so I think its exciting! We stopped at the Lake Louise ski hill first. Mostly because we all really had to eat but also I think Joe is feeling nostalgic of his snowboarding days. It is pretty cool to see the hill with absolutely no snow, hard to think it gets completely covered. In fact 2 days later it had a 30cm blanket of snow! Next we went to […]

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Butterfield acres farm

On Saturday it was a gorgeous day! All the trees are changing colours, it’s no wonder everyone loves this time of year. There is more of a chill in the air but the sun is still out. Autumn in Australia is very different to North America. We went to Butterfield acres farm, with the kids, grandma and cousin Eric. It’s a little petting zoo in Calgary. They have all sorts of animals; horses, pigs, donkeys, goats, bunnies, sheep. The kids love it! You can feed some of them and pet almost all of them. There is also a pony ride which Noah just loves! We are thinking of going back for the pumpkin harvest in October! They also do birthday parties at the farm and they come to you at your home which would be fun! We visited around the same time last year. Noah loved it just as much then as he did today. We spent a couple of hours visiting all the animals and then went to Symons valley ranch for lunch. It’s a year round farmers market that has quite a range of food and other various vendors. We often visit here of a weekend. They have an […]

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We had a fantastic labor day long weekend. I didn’t even know it was a long weekend till Joe told me on Wednesday night so that was an awesome surprise in itself. We love when daddy gets to stay home an extra day! We didn’t do much on Saturday. Noah and Joe both got haircuts. Noah did very well this time, started off a bit touch and go but nothing some kids YouTube videos on my phone can’t fix! We spent the rest of the afternoon lazing around at home. Sunday we went out to breakfast. Breakfast is pretty much the only meal we can get away with taking the kids to. I am pretty sure breakfast is Noah’s favourite meal of the day. Probably because he loves pancakes, waffles, fruit, toast and cereal. Eggs are a no go these days, shame, they use to be his favourite and my go to option when all else fails. Monday we went to Drumheller. It is a town about an hour away from us. The scenery of Drumheller is really cool. You drive through the prairies and then suddenly the landscape changes to the badlands which is made of up coulees. Drumheller […]

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