We have been hit with the Chicken Pox in this house. Poor Noah, this boy cannot catch a break. This time last year he suffered a REALLY bad case of hand foot and mouth and this year its the chicken pox. Seems to be a trend for this time of year. He appears to be okay. He doesn’t really have too many spots. A couple on his face, a couple on his tummy. It could get worse as its only the early stages but so far so good. No itching. I suspect the cold and fever he had last week was probably the start and now it is just the rash we need to get through.

chicken pox
Nothin’ a cake pop can’t fix

I am actually more worried for Siena. Because she’s so young. She woke this morning with two very small spots on her face. So, it’s too early at this stage to know if it will progress further with her. For now the kids are in quarantine. No daycare, no play dates and no contact with other kids, or the outside world in general. I would really hate to pass this on to a small baby or pregnant woman.

With all that said both kids are actually doing well. Fortunately Both kids are up to date with their immunizations, I think they really help with the severity of the virus.

For now we are having a lot of inside play time and watching copious amounts of Netflix, specifically Paw Patrol. I really wish a new season would come out. How do we make this happen?!



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