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It’s been a long time since I posted Noah’s room for some inspiration to any of those parents out there that are stuck between a nursery and toddler room. Noah is no longer a toddler now he will be 4 in January – I cannot believe it! When I originally made a new toddler room for him, which was around two, I wanted it to be something that will grow with him. I didn’t want too many characters or a themed bed because frankly, it was saving us money in the long run.

Children's room inspiration - Boys room update
Bed, Lego Head, Tee Pee, Decals, wooden garland, superhero print, rug

Despite not having made many changes over the last year, I still love his room. My kids rooms are my favourite rooms in the house. If we are being honest, they are probably the rooms I have spent the most money on too. But it’s so worth it. They are now more independent so they love to play in their rooms and I wanted to create a fun, calm and inviting space for them.

The final big item I needed for Noah’s room (and still Siena’s too) was a rug. I chose the Aztec Natural – Vintage Rug. And I absolutely love it! It helps finish the space and tie it all together. I have had my eye on Lorena Canals rugs since I was pregnant with Noah, so that’s a long time! All their rugs are hand-made with non-toxic dyes, 100% natural cotton and machine washable. The kids love it, it’s so so soft and cozy.

Children's room inspiration - Boys room update

Machine washable is such a great aspect in a rug, mostly because this one is in a kids room and they manage to dirty just about anything but, also rugs in general get so dirty. It’s perfect to be able to just throw this in the wash and it’s good as new! Lorena Canals also sells non slip underlay too so the rugs work just as great on a non carpeted floor surface.

Children's room inspiration - Boys room update-2

Over the years I have found lots of amazing home business on Instagram. Besides the large items in Noah’s room the smaller decor and prints are all from small home businesses. Supporting home businesses is a great thing, it’s helping someone do what they love and providing for their family and you know it’s made with love.

I don’t think I will ever actually be “done” with the kids rooms. Their interests are always changing and it’s fun to make their rooms adapt to those changes. So we will see what happens over the next year!

Children's room inspiration - Boys room update

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Boy's bedroom inspiration

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  1. Aseky Bonnaire December 2, 2017 at 12:31 am

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the rug! It fits perfectly in his room, and I love that it’s washable!


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