Monday again. Why do long weekends feel like they go quicker and the week following always feels longer?

We had a really fun weekend! If you didn’t already see how we spent our Canada day, you can read it here.

We spent Saturday in the city. I actually really wanted to try a healthy juice place I found on Instagram but turns out they are closed on a weekend. Why even? So instead we went to Eau Claire. It is an area in the city that has always been on our list of places to visit. Its beautiful.

We walked around Prince Island Park and watched the ducks with Noah. We stumbled on a playground and let Noah have a play. We couldn’t really walk past a play ground and expect him to be okay with that. Consequently we had to drag him kicking and screaming because we were starving and hadn’t had breakfast. No thanks to the juice place not being open!














We came across a kids splash pool, we had to stop, mainly because Noah had seen it and also we were all really hot from walking in the gorgeous weather! Noah had the time of his life! We even dipped Siena’s little feet in. The water was really cold, but refreshing. Lucky I’m really organized and had a spare outfit for Noah, something I don’t normally pack anymore!








We finished our day with some pretty serious Milkshakes and Burgers. I’ll be honest and say we didn’t stumble on these. I found the burger bar called Regrub on Instagram and was naturally drawn to the mouth-watering milkshakes. They didn’t disappoint. We got ‘The Bomb’ and ‘Heart Breaker’ YUM. Seriously if your from the Calgary area, you should visit! I’ll also be honest and say eating with an over tired 2.5 year old and a 7 month old that had a blowout wasn’t easy. I believe Joe put it as hell. I wouldn’t say it was the worst thing. We never got a toddler temper tantrum but it came close. Thank you to the nice server who gave Noah treats. The kid was in a sugar coma by the end of it. The milkshakes kept him under control though. We don’t normally give him straight up sugar like that but mama wanted the damn burger and milkshake. I was going to get it no matter how the toddler had to be entertained.




When your toddler has had enough and wants to leave
When your toddler has had enough and wants to leave


Sunday was a home day. We didn’t do much at all. But we did start it off with these delicious coconut waffles. I found them on Pinterest. They are actually healthy too! We topped with blueberries, strawberries, honey and coconut nectar. Thank you to The Healthy Maven!




How was your weekend?



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