This weekend was a fairly quiet one. We stayed low. The kids weren’t 100% so we just really stayed around the home. But the weather was beautiful. It didn’t go below 10 degrees. Yes, that is warmer weather here! On Saturday Joe took Noah to the park while Siena and I had a (much needed) sleep in and the rest of the weekend was playing in the backyard and breathing in that fresh air!

So, because of this nicer weather I felt the need to put on some tan and give my skin a healthy glow. One of my favourites right now is St Tropez with their tanning mit. It gives the best colour! For more of my favourite fake tans read this post. Before I apply my tan I like to exfoliate. Something everyone should always do to give a nice clean smooth slate. I normally always make my own. I use to always use The Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub but over the years I have found it just as easy to make my own! Plus I really enjoy making my own skin care products. I pretty much use coconut oil for everything. Literally everything, my babies, me, baking, cooking, my morning coffee, you name it, I have probably used coconut oil on it. I have previously made this Coconut sugar scrub but this weekend I made a coffee scrub instead!

The Benefits of Caffeine…

Caffeine is really good for your skin! It contains antioxidants which can help fight against the free radicals that can cause signs of premature aging. Because caffeine is a stimulant it can help fight cellulite (temporarily but hey, I will take anything) by dilating blood vessels which can tighten your skin.

The idea is to use this scrub from top to toe. If you don’t see any visible results, it’s okay. At the very least your skin will be silky smooth!

I made this scrub using 3 Nespresso pods. I would never normally waste 3 pods before they were used in the machine ( I have used the used ones in the past). However, apparently my kids were more excited than me to see a Nespresso order so unfortunately 3 pods were damaged and the machine wouldn’t make coffee with them 🙁

Coffee Scrub


Coffee Scrub

  • 3 x Coffee Pods or roughly 3 Tablespoons of fresh ground coffee
  • 1/2 – 1 Tablespoon of melted coconut Oil

Mix together and apply to skin in circular motion.


You could always add a couple of drops of an essential oil too but I honestly think it’s great with just two ingredients.


Let me know if you try!


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