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Happy Daddy’s day to this guy. We have been through some ups and downs in our relationship; whose hasn’t, both before and after having our babies. The road blocks, the sacrifices, the commitment and the compromises have been abundant. But we have always remained strong and united and we are in a good place and it is so good.

As a father he is such an amazing family man. Always present, always home, works so hard to provide for us. He always has the time to be so playful with our children, teaches them, remains calm, patient and above all, loving. So on Fathers day, he needs to be celebrated and we did just that! What a fun day it was. It was a nice lazy day at home that started with pouring rain.

I made a big brekky of pancakes, bacon and eggs and then we just played and watched movies with the kids, we even managed to all have a nap at the same time, that almost never happens, mainly because I never take the opportunity, note to self, take the opportunity!! In the afternoon the sun came out and it was hot so we walked to get burgers and milkshakes. We ended the day with coronas on the deck. So.good.

Newborn Siena
Siena, minutes old



Petting farm
Petting farm





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