This photo is throwing it alllll the way back to 2009!


On Saturday, I let go of all my irrational fears of letting someone else look after my babies and Joe and I went out on a lunch date. It was the grandparents that looked after the kids, not exactly strangers, but I still find it hard to leave Siena. On top of that, both kids were sick. However, we did it! and It was EXACTLY what we both needed.

Besides the fact we actually were able to leave our house as a couple. It was nice to put more effort into our outfits and dress up a little more for the special occasion. Usually I dress for practicality reasons for feeding a baby, running after a toddler or being prepared for dirt, snot or baby food smeared on me. Also, I was able to play a little more with my makeup! Yes, I am sounding a little bit ridiculous but I need to remind you…This was our first date since having two children! I actually cannot remember when we did it last!

We chose a restaurant that is new to our area, above that, it’s not a chain restaurant. So it was a completely new establishment to us, something that made the date even more exciting. A whole new menu that didn’t have burgers on it. Not that there is anything wrong with that, it was just a nice change. Joe ordered the P.E.I Mussels and I chose Roasted Squash Agnolotti with wild mushroom, fried sage and apple. Let me tell you, it was amazing and the best part, I could instantly start shovelling the food into my mouth without having to sort out or feed anyone else. To continue our meal we ordered the chocolate creme brûlée dessert to share. Scrumptious.

The date felt like it was over before it started, but that is a testament to how good of a time we had together. Until saturday I did not realise how important and how overdue we were to go on a date. I truly thought that was just parenthood, almost like we don’t deserve to have that time as we chose to be parents. Silly, I know.

Now I realise it’s important for us to just be the two of us once again. Relive the old times, to just enjoy the company of one another. We have been together 8 years this October, CRAZY! We came back refreshed, more connected and just happier. The kids were both totally fine (obviously) and didn’t even realise we were gone 😉 I think more of these dates are on the horizon!


Do you and your partner go on dates? I would love to know how often!



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