I first found flower letters on Pinterest when I was pinning a dream nursery for my baby girl. Recently I had just gone back to my nursery board looking for more nursery inspiration and I fell in love with floral letters again! I am the least creative person, I try but I can rarely execute what I have in my head. However, they are really quite simple! And surprisingly I had one of the main tools to complete this, a hot glue gun which is ridiculous from a non creative non crafty person, but it was a purchase I made for a short-lived crafty mood that came over me when I was pregnant.  Funnily enough I was also impressed with that project too, It was a feather headpiece teepee topper for Noah’s teepee.


Any-who, flower letter. Really all you have to do is pick your colour scheme and buy everything from your local craft shop. Or maybe even a dollar store. I thought about the latter after the final price came to $65, which were for flowers mostly between 60-80% off. But then again, we did have to make an unwanted purchase of a Nemo fish that is battery operated and swims in water like a real fish. It’s actually pretty cool, Noah loved it, so much so that he tore into the packaging before we left the store, hence why we had to pay the $20 for it.


what you need

  • Artificial flowers, medium to small – Colours of your choice.
  • Canvas letter
  • Hot glue gun + glue
  • Pliers


  • Cut the flowers off the stems as close to the flower as possible without ruining the flower
  • Arrange the flowers how you would like on the letter. This step helps so you can pre plan where you would like to place flowers colours and leaves no room for mistakes, especially if you only have a couple of one colour.
  • Glue them on!


If you give this a go please let me know how it went! I would love to see others 🙂 I really enjoyed doing this project, I did get a war wound from the glue gun but nothing a celebratory drink from finishing my creation couldn’t fix.



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