We just wrapped up a long weekend here in Canada. The sun was shining almost all weekend. It was actually weird weather, it was hot all day Saturday and then it hailed and thunder stormed all night, Sunday was kind of cold and then Monday was beautiful again. Perfect DIY long weekend weather.

We didn’t have any plans to go anywhere. Mainly because we are potty training Noah right now, which is a good enough excuse to get some things around the house done! We spent most of our days in the sun and playing.




he's a dare devil, this boy
he’s a dare-devil, this boy


books before bed, FYI I'm wearing my painting clothes ;)
books before bed, FYI I’m wearing my painting clothes 😉

I have been dying to make these honeycomb shelves for Siena’s room for a while now. This weekend was the time to do it. I am so happy with them! We could have done a few things different but they are great for first time. Joe actually made them out of wooden bed slats from an IKEA bed we use to have. Yay for upcyling! I picked a couple of sample paints from Lowes and that is all the money we put into them. Bargain! Now I need to find things to decorate them!

DIY long weekend
Decals, sleepy eyes

Another craft thing I have been admiring the last few months is woven wall hanging art. When I first saw them I did not think it was something I could possibly do. After looking at a few tutorials on Pinterest I realised they are not as difficult as they look. This is one that I started for Siena’s room. Unfortunately a freak accident – me trying to move it out the way so Mr 2 didn’t ruin it, resulted in me hitting the frame on the dining chair and the frame shattering causing the whole thing to come loose. Noah probably would have done less damage. I took some deep breaths, held in the profanities because both kids were watching and genuinely surprised at what had happened. Then put what was left in the bag and walked away.

I want a bigger wall hanging anyway so I will start that soon. Once the dust settles 😉

DIY Long weekend


I have a few more DIY planned for the very near future so stick around!




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