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Since having kids I have become a creature of habit. Despite always having had a full-time job, I hated routine. Sticking to a time schedule seemed so boring and mundane. Yet now, with children, I thrive off routine, really, I think it’s because kids thrive off routine, it really just makes everyone happy. Almost every morning we start our day off the same; come down stairs, have breakfast then we go upstairs, make beds, tidy up, get dressed and go down to the basement. The kids play and I work out. Then we do whatever we need for the day.

I love my workout routine. I do the Kayla Itsines BBG workout program. I have actually been doing it for over a year and a half now! The results have been so great. Of course, if I gave up some of the treats I’m sure I would have even greater results but ain’t nobody got time for that! I also try to go to yoga on Sundays. It’s a warm detox and restorative yoga. It’s seriously the best thing. Both of these have not only helped my physically, but mentally too. It’s a great way to release those endorphins and minimize day to day stress that can get the better of you.

Eating healthy is something I have always enjoyed doing. Trying the latest superfoods, Kombucha, supplements in pill form like digestive enzymes and more recently plant based food. I certainly don’t call myself vegan because I’m not, but I have cut out dairy and most meat, and I have been feeling so good because of it. I feel my best when I fuel and nourish my body with the best foods. It can get expensive, depending how you do it, but there is an affordable way to sustain such a healthy diet and your health is so worth it. Plus, as a mum or just a busy woman, you cannot afford to get sick. People are relying on you. So I think investing in your health is a great form of self-care.

“You gotta nourish to flourish”

Recently I started drinking the Super Elixir Alkalizing Formula I have been drinking it for a little over 3 weeks now, 2 teaspoons in 300mls of water, first thing in the morning, before anything and just once a day. It truly does feel amazing. The packaging is beautiful, it’s a product you can leave out and it looks nice on your counter, the caddy is also refillable too which is handy. The taste is best described as a green lolly, like a jelly bean or gummy. I was pleasantly surprised, prior to this I have yet to find a nice tasting green drink. They all taste like murky pond water, in my opinion. So I actually look forward to drinking this each day! Welle Co describes it as a daily multivitamin so you don’t have to take any pills on top of this, which I’m all for!


The Super Elixir Alkalizing Formula has so many health benefits from being a daily nutrition boost, to helping with gut health, strengthens immunity, anti aging, brighter skin, anti-inflammatory the list honestly goes on and on. I especially think this is a great fitting product for me because I am hoping with its alkalizing and anti-inflammatory benefits it may just help with my ISS, time will tell!

WelleCo was kind enough to also send me their proteins, the Nourishing Protein for myself and the kids Nourishing Protein. Protein is something I love to drink after my workouts or if we have busy days and I just cannot get food for whatever reason. The kids LOVE their protein. I usually throw in a frozen banana, peanut butter, flax seeds or oats and cashew milk, they drink it in 30 seconds, not joke, I can never get a good photo of them because they will not wait to drink it. Our tin is just about finished because they drink it on the daily! On those school days when we are running late it’s really great to throw all that in the blender and they are getting a highly nutritious and filling breakfast. It gives me such peace of mind that it’s a clean plant-based protein. It’s full of vitamins and minerals and my favourite, probiotics which are so good for a vast rage of health concerns (coincidentally I did some research on the benefits of probiotics for kids right before having the chance to try out these products) I usually give the kids a dose of probiotics every morning but not when I am making this shake so it’s a step I can skip on a rushed morning. Noah has a short attention span so this protein is great because of the omega 3s, protein and essential fatty acids.


The protein I have been drinking is far less sweeter than any protein I have ever had in the past. But I actually like it and got use to no sweet taste quickly. I add similar things to my smoothie as I do for the kids, but I am not a banana in a smoothie person, at all. I just don’t like them in things, which is kind of weird because I like them as a fruit on their own or banana bread!…so I add frozen avocado instead with oats, and peanut butter normally. It’s a great quick breakfast. I find that it keeps me full for a really long time. Joe and I have been loving smoothie bowls on a weekend too, I pretty much throw whatever we have in them. Whipping up some of these beauties have become a new tradition of mine after my Sunday yoga class.


I am excited that I had the chance to add these new healthy supplements to my healthy lifestyle, I truly believe these new additions keep me on track. They help sustain my energy levels throughout the day so I don’t feel like I need 4 coffees to keep me going, or dessert after dinner.



How do you stay healthy and motivated?!


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  1. Elizabeth January 16, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    Oh I need to check into this!! I’m trying to find a protein powder that doesn’t taste like protein powder! So far I have found nothing!

  2. Monica January 17, 2018 at 4:02 am

    Your smoothie bowls are gorgeous! And so is that packaging! These sound like great products to check out! You go, mama!!

  3. Aseky Bonnaire January 17, 2018 at 9:53 pm

    That bowl looks amazing!! Makes me WANT to eat healthy!!

  4. Darivett February 3, 2018 at 2:30 am

    These products sound amazing! that smoothie bowl looks bomb!


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