This week the weather has totally made a turn here in Calgary. It is so windy and rainy and the temperatures have dropped. I’m not going to lie, besides the rain, I am welcoming the change. Just temporarily, of course. Although, it could be because we are going to Australia for a few months so the quicker the cold weather comes, the quicker Australia comes 😉

Obviously I have SOME clothes, but I am in need of a few new additions. I made do with everything I had last year because I was pregnant and then had Siena, so everything was maternity or breastfeeding related. Now that she isn’t feeding on demand and our feeding pattern is much more routined and less often, I feel it is safe to buy some things that are not based around being able to whip my boob out at any point 🙂

I have compiled a few items that I am either in need of or just like for this Autumn…

Fall Fashion wish list

Fall fashion wish list

Jeans – I find jeggings more comfortable than other style of jeans and you can’t go wrong with a nice dark denim.

Top – I love these frilly, feminine style tops. Fall can be warmer on some days so I think this top paired with some dark jeans would be perfect for a slightly more dressed up look.

Jacket – I have seen the bomber style jacket coming out a lot over the last few months. I think they are a great alternative to a leather jacket or cardigan. Navy is one of my most favourite clothing colours. You can’t go wrong.

Shoes – Booties are great for this in-between weather. They are also good leading into spring. Definitely not a winter shoe here in Alberta because there is usually so much snow that reaches past your ankle.

Hat – Perfect autumnal colour and I just love these hats.


Some more things I am loving…

Fall fashion wish list

Jeans, Tunic Top, High neck top, Bomber, Shoes, Hat


What are you looking forward to this fall?




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