Every Wednesday our town holds a farmers market. I LOVE them, but with kids it gets harder. Our local one usually starts before Joe gets home so sometimes we go. This Wednesday there was a food truck frenzy, so there’s really no question of IF we go, its more like WHEN and what are we going to eat?!


I always feel overwhelmed when it comes to picking something to eat though, its silly and not a life or death situation but there are so many options and I really don’t want to have food envy, damn it.

We went with the local truck called Wilks Booth. It NEVER disappoints. I got the ranchman’s burger. The most delicious burger. Like one of those ones you see on that eat street show and wish you could get your hands on. I would have taken a picture but I inhaled it because I was so hungry and I wasn’t messing about with the time baby girl was asleep in the ergo. Thank god for the hood that covers her little head, otherwise she would have had that burger sauce drip on it.

I also got a smoothie called will you berry me from the Raw Juice Co truck. Really yummy and a smoothie is always a win for Noah. We of course couldn’t leave the market without getting a bag of hot donuts from Calgary mini donuts truck. I’ll say this again, Those mini donuts NEVER disappoint. No food envy here!market4    market3

We also bought some fruit because Noah eats it like it’s a form of candy which comparing to the real thing, is ok with us!


Today was the perfect weather. It was so warm and hot, my sort of weather! Ending it at the farmers market is the way to go I think.


We really like going to Farmers Markets, some are better than others but its fun to go when the weather is good and you have nothing else to do!


Do you have any farmers markets in your area? Any good eats?



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