I don’t normally do friday favourites, but I do enjoy reading them! So it may be something that will come up every now and then.

This week I have had two very sick babies 🙁 Fevers, runny noses, bad coughs, just all round sick. Last night we had to rush Noah to urgent care because he seemed to be in so much pain. Clutching his ears and crying. Constantly moving. He just got ear tubes/grommets in his ear so we didn’t think it would be ear infections but luckily Joe took him in, turns out it’s yet another ear infection. Poor boy! I was up every two hours with Siena rocking my poor darling, she would wake coughing almost like gasping for air. Fortunately it’s not pneumonia but she has got bronchitis, because its viral it is just something we can only monitor. Let’s hope it’s just another few days and my wild kids will be back to their wild selves again.

So, after a long week I actually have a few favourites!

  1. Normally I would hate this crazy -22 weather but because we have had nowhere to be, it’s been so nice to stay inside cozy and warm enjoying movies, playing, resting and watching the snowfall.Friday FavouritesFriday favouritesFriday favourites
  2. Trolls the movie – How good is this movie?! I LOVE it, the kid’s love it. It’s so fun!
  3. Stocked pantry and fridge! Because I went bake crazy last week I had a lot of food this week, the kids aren’t really eating but for someone whose day revolves around their meals. I was pretty chuffed.Friday Favourites

    Friday Favourites
    He makes the best cheese toasties
  4. Hello Fresh -I swear, I am not sponsored! – I am just really happy I signed up to this service. Because the kids started to get sick over last weekend and the weather dropped to crazy minus temps it was nice to have those meals there ready to go and we didn’t have to go out, it will also be the same for this weekend. (use code SARRAM for $50 off your first order!)Friday favourites
  5. COFFEE. Enough said really but maybe I should be more specific to drive through coffee? or for Nespresso, which is delivered to your door…It doesn’t matter really. It’s all coffee. So it’s a favourite. Maybe I should move this to number 1.

    Friday Favourites
    My life line
  6. My man! Yes, it’s sappy, and he should be reading this..So, you are one of my favourites…this week anyway 😉 Staying late in the mornings to help me with the kids after the rough long nights and going back to my number 5 favourite; getting me coffee! You’re the best xx


We will be taking it easy this weekend, there is a chinook so it will get “warmer” but probably means a migraine for me. But hopefully the kids will be well and truly on the mend!


What are your plans this weekend?

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