WOO HOO! We made it, it’s friday! Our week was a little all over the place but it actually went by really quick. It’s fathers day here this weekend so time to celebrate the man of our house! We actually don’t really have many plans. Sometimes it’s nice that way.

So here is my second friday fives basically it’s five positives from our week!

  1. Rainy days. I complain about the weather a lot around here and I have complained about rain this week. But, sometimes when there is a break between the good warm weather days it’s nice to wake up to rain and have an inside day. I usually picture some movies, crafts, pyjama days. They never end up as nice as I picture, we may or may not end up a mad house by the end of the day which is pretty much why I only like one rainy day, when it turns into two in a row, we have a problem!
  2. Good friends. I can’t say it enough, having good friends here has really made living in Canada easy. Play dates for the kids and adult interaction for us. Even friends I haven’t seen in a very long time. It’s great that even after a long time you can still talk so easily.

    I love when he wants to hold her hand and walk
  3. Click and Collect. My god has this made my life easier. The ease of doing my groceries online and then collecting them at the store, which is delivered to my car makes my life SOOOO much easier when I have two kids with me. Like, SOOOO much easier!
  4. Exercise. I never would have said this 4 years ago, pre kids but now, I really enjoy and appreciate exercise. I only work out 30-45  minutes 5 times a week but it’s so important to me. It gives me a clear mind and I’m really liking the results I am getting! You can read more about my fitness journey hereFRIDAY FIVES AND PHOTOS FROM OUR WEEK
  5. Zoo pass. Ever since Noah was around 6 months we have bought a yearly membership to the Calgary Zoo and it’s been great! We totally get our moneys worth every single year as we go multiple times. I have actually lost count how many times we have been this year! The kids love to see the animals. We usually always meet our friends there. It’s really good exercise for us mummies and the kids sleep so well that night!FRIDAY FIVES AND PHOTOS FROM OUR WEEK


Have a wonderful weekend!

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