I am trying something new! without following the crowd by having ‘friday favourites’, I thought I would do Friday Fives instead. So I will pick 5 of my favourite things from any one area. Maybe not every single friday but whenever I feel I have a few top fives!

So this week I have chosen mascara as my friday fives! Mascara is one of my most used, most loved makeup products I use. If I could only wear one makeup product, I think it would be mascara, but then maybe concealer too…and some bronzer…I hope I am never told that I could only use product!

I am pretty happy with the length of my lashes. Although, I would like to try eyelash extensions one day! But I have heard they can damage or break your lashes, not something I really want! My eyelashes are fair in colour though, so despite their length I do need mascara to make my eyes pop.

Three things I always look for with my mascaras. I always choose the blackest black, never waterproof and I never choose the plastic, hard brushes. I always get the soft style bristles.


Friday Fives


  1. Tarte Gifted Amazonian Clay Smart – I love this mascara, it’s a really nice formula and makes my lashes look separated, long and full. This is the one I usually always go back and repurchase from Sephora. Plus for a non drugstore mascara it’s still quite affordable.
  2. Rimmel London- Wonderlash lift me up – I love this one. I bought it on a whim once, when I couldn’t get to Sephora and desperately needed a new mascara. It makes my lashes so thick and long. Bonus, you can pretty much buy it anywhere and it’s so cheap!
  3. Tarte – Lights, Camera, lashes – I really love the way this one makes my lashes look. However from time to time it can dry and flake.
  4. L’oreal Paris – Voluminous mascara- An oldy but a goody. Gets the job done.
  5. Sephora collection – Full Action extreme mascara– Another one I picked up on a whim and really liked. Gave my lashes a clean long look.

Are any of your favourites in there? What would you add to it?

Have a lovely weekend!



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