When summer rolls around we are always trying to find new fun things to do in Calgary. I complain a lot about the weather in winter but summer here can be a lot of fun. There are a lot of places that are geared towards families. So many different farms and interactive place for kids to play. Not to mention all the lakes, streams and hikes you can do. So this weekend we did a few of them which made it a such a fun weekend!

This weekend we actually went back to a couple of places we have already been to. But this time we had completely different experiences.

On Saturday we went to Symons Valley Ranch Farmers market. The original place actually burnt down a few months ago unfortunately, so now they have pop up markets. It’s a real shame because they had some good vendors there originally. But we still managed to leave with cookies, fresh free run eggs, fresh dips and tortilla chips. It was really only a quick trip so after there we spontaneously decided to go to Big Hill Spring Provincial Park ,It’s a beautiful spot!

Only 20 mins away from us. It has a little stream at the base where you can eat lunch, the water is absolutely freezing, like numbing! But the kids feel nothing so they loved it. Kids+outside+water = Pure happiness! We ate some lunch then went for a mini hike. With two wild kids we stayed on the main path. We really weren’t dressed to go hiking, it was a spur of the moment trip out. I want to go back again this summer and be dressed right. With a back carrier for Siena. That girl just wanted to get into all the mini waterfalls along the walk – not safe!

Sunday we went to Saskatoon Farm. We visited last year but it was way less busy. This time there were lots of people, a farmers market with fruit and veg and also U-pick berries. I have always wanted to pick berries so we had out Saskatoon ice cream (so good) and we went berry picking! The kids enjoyed it. Noah lost his momentum and Siena was pretty much eating everything we picked. This particular time was black currents and sour cherries.

As it turned out the only person who really liked those particular berries was Siena. It was really hot and it seemed it would take a life time to fill that giant bucket in that heat, with a 3-year-old who finds it more fun to run in the dirt. So we ditched what we had and bought Saskatoon berries and regular cherries from the market instead. They are delicious. We also bought a Saskatoon berry pie, because, why wouldn’t you? Full Weekend - Her Little Loves

Full Weekend - Her Little Loves

Full Weekend - Her Little Loves

It was such a fun weekend. It’s so fun taking the kids to new places and seeing their excitement in doing something different. It’s always a bonus if it involves eating too!

Hope you had a good weekend! Let’s hope it’s a good week!


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