On Mondays and Fridays Noah goes to daycare. Which allows me to catch up on things. So this morning I did the groceries then me and my little lady bug went to the mall to have a girls day and do some shopping! I got my usual (much needed) from Starbucks; grande flat white and we hit the ground running. The only thing I really needed to buy was Crocs for Noah for daycare. But with all the great sales on at the moment I did get a few extra things.

I got all the kids clothes from Gymboree. All their regular priced items were 40% off and their sales were a further 50% off. The shoes were from Crocs and Payless; who also had a great sale.

The lemons are so cute!
The lemons are so cute!

Victoria’s Secret is having their semi-annual sale, my closest mall doesn’t have a Victoria Secret but they do have the Pink store and I really like their underwear. So from Pink I bought some workout shorts, a plain racer back tank and one of their plain t-shirts; I love their t-shirts. They are so comfortable and great to wear around the house or on quick errands. Bonus is they don’t have Pink written in huge print all over them. Teen mom sorta ruined pink for me, anyone else?

Lastly, we went to American Eagle Outfitters. They always have pretty flawy, bohemian style tops! They are so pretty, feminine and comfortable. I also bought their Birkenstock knock offs. I can’t decide if I like Birkenstocks! They look trendy and ugly at the same time and if you ask someone who has them they rave about how comfortable they are. They just look so chunky. Anyway I bought the knock offs as a test run. American eagle had a 50% off sale on their shoes. It brought them down to $23 or so, so I had to get them! If I find that I am wearing them often maybe next summer I will take the plunge and buy some.


After that damage, I cut myself off. There are some awesome sales on at the moment, so I definitely could have shopped till I dropped buttt little miss had to get home to nap and I really wanted to do a workout before picking Noah up.

We finished off our evening with pizza and beer. Yep, pretty sure I undid my workout.


Have you seen any can’t miss shopping deals that I should know about?



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