My own herb and veggie patch

My own herb and veggie patch

My own herb and veggie patch    My own herb and veggie patch

My own herb and veggie patch
he loves helping daddy

This weekend was BEAUTIFUL! After last weekend and because the weather was so amazing we stayed home and had a lot of nice outside family time, and some much-needed gardening done! When we bought our house I had big plans to have an area for my own herb and veggie patch. A place where I can grow all the herbs, veggies and fruits that I love and have the kids help me too. In theory it sounds lovely. In reality it was MESSY. The kids had a great time digging in the fresh soil, throwing it everywhere. Siena in particular, rubbing it in her hair. They both still have dirt under their nails so it’s clear they had a good time 🙂

What the pictures don’t show is shopping for said herbs and veggies with said children. You won’t be finding any magical photography award-worthy photos on this blog of us skipping hand in hand down the isles of the nursery wearing our linen rompers, because that my friends, is just not our reality (although, that sounds so fun!). Our reality started off having to slum it with the regular shopping trolley because the special car trolleys were all gone (which I don’t think would have helped anyway, if we are being honest). Our choice of garden centre on Sunday was home hardware, apparently everyone had the same idea so it was quite busy. Everyone leisurely strolling around. Discussing with planting options with their shopping buddy. Ever so delicately choosing which plants they wanted buy. Us on the other had, I had Siena locked in to the plain trolley while throwing in whatever herbs, veggies and fruit plants I could find in the short time span I had before her whingeing and whining and trying to get out of her seat turned into a full blown crying meltdown.

Meanwhile Joe was running after Noah who was treating home hardware like it was his personal secret garden hiding in any little spot he could find, jumping in the puddles (why do I dress them nicely?) and playing on the ride-on lawn mowers they have displayed front and centre like they knew he was coming.

In the end we pretty much got what we needed. We need more soil, a trip one of use will have to do solo because we aren’t prepared for that chaos again. But I am so happy with how my little herb and veggie patch came out. My handy man did such a great job of it! We still have to work on the garden part of our yard but we have made a good start! Let’s see if we can keep them alive and start growing things!

My own herb and veggie patch

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