I could literally spend hours on Instagram. Each picture leads to another which leads to another and through each one I find a tonne of new shops that I never knew existed had I not found them on Instagram. Which leads me to these recent Instagram treasures. Just a few things I have found most recently that all seem to be for my little girl. I really could go broke off Instagram. I fell in love with these items that I purchased, in addition to that, they were also totally affordable.

Hello Mae Handmade

I somehow found this company and I am so glad I did! She is local to me, in Calgary which means I don’t have to wait long for them to arrive! Which is perfect because I have zero patience waiting for anything I buy online, I get way too excited. She makes really pretty bows, in a variety of sizes and material. We have quite a few of them. My favourite suede bow right now is this periwinkle bow, it goes so beautifully with Siena’s big blue eyes and blonde hair. Also this lace one is so pretty.

Our latest purchases
Our latest purchases
Siena is wearing this bow
Siena is wearing this bow


Cammi and Co

This company also that makes beautiful headbands. I especially love these floral and lace headbands. We also have a couple of these




Blue Bird Co

Ahhh,  I love this jewellery! It’s a beautiful concept. Jewellery keepsakes for little ones. Once your child outgrows them you can keep them in a baby book, your children can even pass the jewellery down to their own children! In my opinion they are really affordable. They also have adult sizes too, so you can match your little one. Which I obviously did because why wouldn’t you!? I plan on getting a few others, they look really pretty stacked together. This is what I chose for myself and my mini, love the simplicity. I also love this and this



Its not easy trying to capture both bracelets with a busy almost 9 month old!
It’s not easy trying to capture both with a busy almost 9 month old!


As mentioned these are just a few on my most recent Instagram treasures, I have found quite a few stores that I love! What are your favourite shops you have found through Instagram, I would love to know!


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