Two weeks to go! Then I will have my dream body and never have to work out again. I wish. But I have decided to start Kayla’s workout all over again. I think it’s a good way to test out my fitness and see how far I have come. Hopefully I will find the first couple of weeks easier. Otherwise that’s embarrassing.

This week I was so good, I worked out 5 times and ate really healthy. Our traditional weekend pancake breakfast was my “cheat meal” I thought you get a cheat day, but Joe informed me you only get a cheat meal. That was a big blow. But I have soldiered on and haven’t lost my cool at anyone from lack of sugar yet, so something must be working.

I did drink more water, maybe its true, drinking lots of water does keep cravings at bay. Why can’t I do both though? I drank less coffee, I won’t get into numbers because it was only marginally better. Last weeks goal (you can read them all here) of going to bed earlier kind of, sort of happened, I went to bed earlier maybe 3 out of 7 nights.

Incorporating more weight training
Incorporating more weight training these past few weeks




 This week


  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Abs


  • Continue eating healthier
  • Do an extra workout
  • Get more sleep!


Here’s more outfit inspo. I really need some new workout clothes but can’t justify buying them when I workout at home. So ill just dream..

Tights, Crop, Trainers
Tights, Crop, Trainers





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