The final week! I have actually already completed legs so 1 down, 2 more to go. The workouts this week are Legs, Abs and Arms. It’s actually the same workouts as week 9. I have decided to leave my goals for this week be making any goals this week because it’s the final week and really, my biggest goal has been reached. Finishing 16 weeks straight of working out!

Never in my life have I stuck with an exercise regime. So to do the 4 week beginner program and then 12 weeks of the actual program is a HUGE feat. I have previously talked about my health here. So being able to complete this workout feels like a great accomplishment. Funnily enough, I am actually looking forward to starting the program over again and seeing my progress.

For now I will leave out the weekly posts and perhaps do a monthly recap instead. To give up update on how I am progressing in the workout for the second time.

For this weeks workout clothing inspiration I chose items that are more affordable. Both top and pants are under $40 each! I actually think I need to get these leggings asap.

Leggings, Top, Trainers






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