During my pregnancy I gained about 12 Kgs, I just did the converter and that’s around 26 pounds! Crikey! I will say most of it was baby weight and I lost 3/4 of it within the first month. I was very lucky. Right now I have a couple of kgs to go to get back to my pre pregnancy weight but it’s not really my concern.

My main focus going into this new fitness program was to tone tone tone. I wanted my butt to lift, I wanted those nice lean, visibly toned arms, that weren’t too masculine but were obvious that you work out without having to flex. I haven’t quite reached that form yet and I think I will have to do another round of the BBG workout to get near that but I think the second round would be a bit easier after doing the first!

This past week I really focused on eating healthy. We made an agreement to eat really really healthy. I would probably say we got to healthy, not really really healthy. With Father’s day burgers and milkshakes and also trying out a new Ben and Jerry’s ice cream (obviously) means we had a few set backs, but life and cravings get in the way.

On the positive, I did do all 3 resistance so I’m happy with that. However no cardio. It was just one of those weeks where I was so tired. The kids have been challenging to get to bed most nights these days which means ‘us time’ starts later with catching up from our days and watching our fave tv shows (orange is the new black and game of thrown) and doing blog stuff I end up going to bed late and then doing it all over again. I need to get myself into more of a routine. I’m great with keeping the kids on one but not myself!


workout complete


Resistance this week:

  • Arms & Abs
  • Abs & Cardio
  • Legs & Cardio.


Goals for this week

  • 2  sessions of cardio
  • 1 session of stretching
  • Go to bed earlier


Arms and abs check, so here’s to the rest of the week! Apparently its meant to rain, must get a treadmill or bike for cardio.


Does anyone have any tips on what to do for cardio when its raining outside and you have two young kids?



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