Another week and another round of BBG! Somehow we have gotten into the VERY bad habit of eating ice cream almost nightly. I don’t know how it came up, but it did and now I need to kick the habit. I think we have tried just about every flavour of this new stumbled upon brand, so its good timing really.

Legs killed me this week! I really hate training legs. I find it so hard, which I know is a really good thing and its all about pushing yourself blah blah, but my god it gets hard, like, light-headed can’t catch my breath hard, oh and the sweat! My favourite is arms then abs. I’m seeing some great results!

As for my previous weeks goals I did complete one cardio out of the two. It rained most of the week. I did go to bed early a couple of times but no matter what time I put my head on the pillow one of the kids always wakes up. Murphy’s Law. But it’s a new week, so its a new workout and new goals!


This week

  • Legs
  • Arms
  • Abs


  • 2 x cardio sessions
  • 1 x stretch session


I’m ready!



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