Around the time Siena turned 4 months I realised I needed to start doing something for myself. I wasn’t happy with how I looked or how I felt. I know I was only 4 months postpartum, but I had been spending the last 4 months looking after my new baby. All my time was devoted to feeding, holding and loving on her and, of course my busy two year old! Absolutely nothing was wrong with that, but it was time to get moving! During this time Joe had really dedicated himself to the gym and he was seeing great results. I really wanted that too!

One morning I was watching the view (yeah, I know) and Kayla Itsines was on the show and talking about her bikini body workout. What really interested me was that you only have to do her work out 3 times a week each one only being 28 minutes long. Perfect! I hate working out, working out longer than half an hour and going to the gym at night. But, with this I can work out at home. So I downloaded the app.

I started with the 4 weeks of beginner workouts basically because there is a warning at the beginning of the bikini body workout about the level of intensity and I felt intimidated! Then I went to the actual Kayla Itsines bikini body workout, somehow I have actually kept up with it. With the exception of being sick last week, I took the week off to recover. I’m pretty sure this is the longest I have actually ever worked out! Give me all the weird healthy foods, superfoods, vitamins and elixirs. But when it comes to exercise, you would lose me, anything more than a walk around the block and I am not interested. But, so far 8 weeks and counting!!
Kayla Itsines Bikini body workout



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