Pretty much the only K I have an interest in keeping up with these days 😉 I wanted to do an update on my fitness regime. I haven’t done an update since July, my final week of the 12 week program. You can read about that here. I am now on week 9 of my second round and absolutely loving it still. So that is a total of 24 weeks of working out that is including the 4 week beginner routine. As I have said basically the whole way, this is quite an achievement for me, for many reasons. The first that I am living with ISS (read about that here) and secondly because I have never been someone to stick with any exercise regime. I go in and out of phases of what I like to do. But now I have figured out that I really enjoy weight training and resistance. Without a doubt all the definition I have is from these two things.


Eating healthy is something that comes easier to me. Often I go on Pinterest looking for clean recipes and healthy desserts. If you like to do the same thing then come follow me on Pinterest 🙂 I like to bake muffins for snacks and make baked oatmeal for a more hearty healthy breakfast. Rice Syrup is a good sugar/honey/maple syrup replacement so I often use this instead. I never eat diet anything so I opt for full cream milk, (plain) yogurts and cheese, they are more satisfying as well. I enjoy going to health food stores or looking at the health and organic section at the grocery store and looking at all the yummy options. It can get expensive but sometimes it feels ok to spend the money on healthier options.  Just recently I started tracking my calories on my fitness pal app. Normally I don’t calorie count but I have found it hard to lose the last few kilos. I eat quite healthy but for whatever reason (my body is probably holding on to them because I am still breastfeeding) I cannot lose them, so I thought tracking what I eat may give me an insight into what may be inhibiting the weight loss. If it is not from breastfeeding.


In regards to equipment, there is some required for this program. However there is an affordable way around it. But for a majority of the first round I didn’t even use a bench and the only weights I used were the 5 pounds weights we bought 3 years ago. Over the course of the last 24 weeks we have accumulated quite a bit of equipment. All of which were purchased second-hand, except for the 8 pound weights. That’s two benches, a bar, 10 and 25 pound weights. So I encourage you to look at your local buy sell and swap, Kijiji, Craigslist, Varagesale, Gumtree, you get the picture!

Keeping up with Kayla


One of the things that helps me during a workout is looking in the mirror. It may sound really vein and some people may absolutely hate it but for me it definitely helps me push myself. I like that I can see if my technique is correct and over the course of the 24 weeks I have toned up quite a bit. So now when I work out I can actually see new my muscles working and growing. Also, I  have bought some new workout clothes. It can be hard to purchase expensive things because I work out at home and while yes, it does motivate me, I just cannot justify the expensive prices for things that will not leave my house. So I have actually found quite a lot of brand named workout clothes at my local WINNERS. If you don’t live in Canada WINNERS is a store that sells brand named things 20-60% off. They carry one-off things so if you see something you have to snap it up! Getting off track here but I also buy the kids clothes from time to time there, they have great winter jackets! New workout gear always has me looking forward to my next workout!

Keeping up with Kayla
Just a few of the pieces I have purchased from WINNERS


What helps you to stay motivated and on track? What fitness programs are you following?



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