We went to Joe’s parents cabin today. It has actually been a verrrry long time since we have been. The cabin is about 1.5-2 hours drive from us. Which isn’t too bad but when you have two kids 1.5-2 hours turns into 2-3 hours, due to getting supplies; mama and daddas starbucks + road snacks, packing everything but the kitchen sink “do you think we need this? what about this?” “yeah just pack it”. Stopping to breastfeed half way, it takes up a lot of extra time. But in the end we got there, we celebrated fathers day, we ate, we drank and we had a nice time. We really didn’t get too many pictures because we were so busy catching up and looking after the babies but here’s what we did capture.


Starting the day off right, morning feed and cuddles
Starting the day off right, morning feed and cuddles in bed


and playing!


Tired baby girl, rocked to sleep by one of Joe’s aunties
He is OBSESSED with dogs, this one is Nemo



So apparently we have to get a dog now. As much as I would love a nice big family dog, we aren’t interested right now. I have enough poo to clean up!


Gotta go..We just started Orange is the new black!




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