Hi guys!

It has actually been over a week since I last posted so just wanted to give an update. Our laptop is currently being fixed. Despite owning a blog I really am not tech savvy at all. So I couldn’t tell you what the problem is but the IT guy is on the case. (Is it sad I actually said chase is on the case in my head?)

We actually have two Mac laptops. One is older and slower and the charger needs to be replaced so both are out of action right now, sadly.

Our little man Noah had tubes (otherwise known as gromits in Australia) put in his ears last Wednesday. It was a little nerve-wracking as parents but he did amazingly well! To the point he actually cried when it was time to leave. Crazy kid. Hopefully no more ear infections for this guy!

Little champ

On the weekend Joe and I had another lunch date. It’s exactly what I needed after a week of two VERY clingy babies. This Monday just passed little Siena had her MMR vaccinations early because we will be in Australian at the time she is due to have them. I’m not sure if she was super tired or what but this one hurt her, she cried hard after it. Worst thing is, she will have to get it again along with the chicken pox vaccination 🙁 apparently it is not as painful when they are combined. Here’s hoping!

Laptop broken
Tired pumpkin after her needle 🙁

We are now on the countdown to Australia! Just 14 sleeps!!!



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