This weekend we didn’t do too much. The weather was kind of off so we went to the mall on Saturday. Always eventful with Noah. I feel like I say that every post. But really he is definitely not the guy you go shopping with. He refuses to sit in the stroller for long. He only lasts about 30 minutes and pretty much yells and screams whenever we go to into a new shop. It’s really painful. We gave in and let him free at lunch, he ran straight for the arcade area and about 45 minutes later we finally got to sit down and eat. So. Tiring. In fact, it was so tiring he fell asleep in the car on the way home. Super cool, especially since we have dropped the nap because getting him to sleep of a night was getting ridiculously long.

Lazy weekend

Back to the mall, The Saks off 5th outlet just opened. I think it’s my new favourite shop. They have affordable pricing right up to way out of my league pricing. But it’s a nice change from my usual haunts of H&M and forever 21! I picked up these two tops. I love them. The jumper is so soft, perfect for this cooler autumn weather with nice details, different from a regular plain sweater. And the top which is from free people will get some wear when we go to Australia in November. I like the hight neck and open back. But I need to get some nice bralettes because it is a quite large open back.


Lazy weekend Lazy Weekend


We started our Sunday with our usual pancake brekky and had a lazy morning. We made a trip to Costco in-between Siena’s naps. I love Costco but I hate crowds. It is definitely a place to go to mid-week. It was still a successful shop, lots of healthy snacks for the kids for the week. I love how Costco will have different random things each time you go. It’s like a lucky dip! It can also be dangerous too. It’s like IKEA. I just cannot walk out with the items on my list. Somehow I can talk myself into needing just about anything!


What did you do this weekend?!




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