This weekend was a nice one! Basically it was all about lunch, peonies and pancakes. The most ideal summery weekend really 😉 The weather was forecast to rain but it was actually really nice on both days, for most of the day and then rained in the late afternoon onwards, which was actually quite nice.

Noah got a hair cut on Saturday, with his daddy. Every time he gets a cut he looks more and more like a little boy and less of a baby. He looks so cute but it breaks my heart at the same time. My little man is growing up!

The weather was so warm and put us in a good mood, we thought going out to lunch would be nice. We haven’t gone out in a verrry long time, because, the obvious, we have a two-year old. We met the grandparents there, so they did all the chasing, entertaining and walking around while Joe and I ate. I guess it was sort of like we went out just the two of us. With baby, Siena 😉 Then we pushed our luck and went to home depot to buy some peonies to put in our garden. We now have that kid who cries and screams and everyone thanks God he doesn’t belong to them. He was way overdue for his nap, by an hour. Oops. However, this mamma got her Peonies. Also, we made brownies. I better do an extra workout this week 😉


Sunday we made pancakes! I love them, I think it’s mostly because of maple syrup. The real stuff. You know, the 100% maple syrup stuff that costs a fortune for one little bottle, that I openly admit to using half of when I have my weekend pancakes. It’s so good.

After that we went to the local Nursery to have a look at more plants and trees. We have been in our house 14 months now so its time to start making a nice garden area.

My freshly bathed babies 🙂





What did you do this weekend?



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