And just like that, it’s christmas shopping time! I cannot even believe it. It was this time last year we were in Australia, it really doesn’t feel like a whole year ago! I am starting with the Men’s gift guide because they do always seem to be the hardest! There is a whole range of things in each of my guides. Like what man has enough socks and undies? I know mine never does! Keep a look out for a lot of these items will be on sale with the black friday sales coming up (like that fancy watch).

I can attest that all these products have either been tried, tested and loved personally by us or otherwise still approved and on Joe’s wish list. So you know that these are man approved. Men can be hard. They are picky or they literally just don’t want much at all. So you are surely able to find something in there. Boyfriends, husbands, Dads, Brothers, Inlaws, Friends, Colleagues, there is something for everyone! Also, keep an eye out for those black friday sales as many of these items will be included in that big sale day!


gift guide for him
1. VYBE Socks & OZONE Socks Fun socks that can be worn for all occasions 2. JORD Watch Wood watches that will have a great black friday sale!    3. Boots A dressier winter boot
gift guide for him
1.. Nike FLY KNIT Runners For the fitness guy 2. SKI Pass Perfect for those guys who love to ski or board 3. Ray Bans Sunglasses Ray Bans are my favourite sunglass people
gift guide for him
1. Phillips Shaver For the guy who likes to groom 2Primally Pure Beard Oil for the guy who doesn’t groom haha but no this stuff is amazing for not only your beard, your skin too! 3. SAXX underwear When do they ever have enough underwear?
gift guide for him
1. Anker Sound System This speaker is so good and really inexpensive. You can take it anywhere 2. Herringbone Peacoat A style that never goes out 3. Hershell Wallet This Leather wallet has a tile tracker so you can track it if it goes missing!


Also, if you are interested in that JORD watch and miss out on a black friday sale or don’t want to wait then use this link here to get a 25% off discount code that you can use on any watch of your choice!

Wood Watch

Her little loves


  1. Aseky Bonnaire November 26, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    I am loving those sneakers! My husband would LOVE those!

    1. Sarah November 26, 2017 at 8:08 pm

      Yes! I love them too!

  2. Monica November 30, 2017 at 11:39 am

    Beard oil is 100% a winner!!!!


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