It was one of those days I should have woken up well rested and ready to seize the day. BOTH my babies slept through the entire night! Pop the champagne because we need to celebrate! Noah did wake at 1.30am and came into our bed. I was so hot and way too tired to take him back to his own bed, I tried waking Joe so he could deal with it by punching nudging him but he was dead to the world so I let the kid continue to crawl over me and sleep on top of me all night. Usually he wakes at the crack of sparrow fart regardless of where he sleeps but he slept till 7.45am, 7.45!!!!!! Siena woke around 7 but I am ok with that. I was able to feed her uninterrupted and then get myself dressed and ready for daycare drop off.

With all that said I woke up feeling like absolute crap. My whole body was aching, my nose was blocked, my throat hurt and I had a blocked milk duct. Awesome. Somehow as the day had gone on I felt better. I worked out, ran some errands, had all day with my favourite gal pal and of course missed all my opportunities to take a nap 😀

Bed early I think…yeah, right.

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