This weekend was a truly wonderful weekend. I am so lucky to have these sweet little people in my life! They made me a mama and they are so worth every single cold meal, mum bun, public tantrum, snotty shoulder, sleepless night, sudocream mess and endless worry. They are all mine and made my life all the better.

I was spoilt with beautiful flowers, some gifts, I may have bought a couple 😉 and a breakfast of poached eggs and smashed avo. Who knew the man could cook? I propose he makes breakfast every weekend! I was able to sleep in till 8.30am, which in our house is a pretty big sleep in! I had a longgg bath with some lush products, that I bought intending to have this child free bath and we had mimosas all morning. Although, it has to be said, the day is definitely not about gifts and I would have been happy without the gifts – the sleep in and bath alone would have been perfect enough. I think the main thing is each mama deserves some appreciation for all the hard work she puts in.

Mother’s day really makes me appreciate my own mother all the more. The day really reminds me that us mothers are in it together. Despite what social media may display, there is no perfect family or life. We all have those bad days or difficult moments where kids really test your patience. So, I think we all really deserve to be a little spoilt!


Now it’s time to spoil daddy, because its his birthday tomorrow and if anyone needs to be celebrated and loved on a bit extra, it’s him!

Happy Monday!


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