So it’s a new year and we have been back in Alberta, from Sydney for about 3 weeks now. The first week was VERY hard. Everything about where we live didn’t come close to Sydney because I keep it on such a high pedestal. Every day Noah would ask for his cousins and where everybody was. Try explaining to a just turned 3-year-old why we are no longer in the heat or able to go to the beach and that he won’t be seeing his little mate that he spent every day with for quite some time now. Because we live very far away and that’s why we took that very long plane trip back home. Just over 13 000km away to be exact!

However the fog and what felt like an emotional roller coaster/breakdown (slightly dramatic, yes) started to fade and I came to a few realisations. 1. My kids and Joe are my world. It’s ok to be sad but me being sad effects them too 2. It gave me a new fresh perspective on my life and how I want to parent. And I have since made quite a few changes, for the better! 3. I came back much more rested and happier. A 9 week holiday back home was EXACTLY what we all needed.

New year, new start

Alberta won’t really feel like “home” home and we may just move back to Australia in a couple of years, who knows, but for now this is our life. We need to make the most of it. It is also a nice little benefit that we can travel this side of the world while we are here. Also, SAVE because an average house price in Sydney is crazy!

I have made some wonderful friends here from joining a mum’s group when I first had Noah. Without them it would have been very lonely and difficult. I got real lucky with those gems!

I never make New Years resolutions, I don’t see the point in them, for me personally. I just never stick to them. But I think this year I somehow naturally entered the year with a new approach, so I’m taking this new year as a new fresh start!

mew year, new start



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