Terrible Twos, Threenager, F***ing Fours. I think at some point or another you have heard at least one of these.  The latter is a new one to me though!

We got a taste of the terrible twos somewhere around 19 months, when I was half way into my pregnancy and it was tough. My hormones mixed with Noah’s temper tantrums did not make a good match. I wish I could say I kept my cool and we got through it tearless, but some days were hard. Really hard.

If I could go back I would and do it over. Focusing on giving him more of my patience, understanding and sensitivity. After all, it was mostly because he just could not communicate what he wanted so it was frustrating for him.


When he actually turned two it got even harder, which at that point we didn’t even think was possible. Noah wanted more independence, he knew that he could do things but didn’t understand why he was not allowed to do them. Like walking out the front door alone, staying at the park for as long as he wanted. Going outside in the snow without shoes or gloves, getting out of his stroller and running in a mall, not sitting in the shopping trolley when I was getting groceries. All things almost all parents have come across at some stage or another in their toddlers life.

Every day seemed like a battle, I swear, he would just make himself cry. I just did not understand this kid, every day seemed to get harder. It even got to the point I was dreading him waking up from his nap because he would instantly cry and the rest of the day was me counting down till Joe got home. Yes, I know I am the parent, therefore I should be holding it together but it can be bloody hard!

Now we are at 2.5 and my little man has come along way from daily temper tantrums, we still get them, absolutely, but the all day incessant whining seems to have slowly faded away. His communication has improved by leaps and bounds, I really think daycare has helped immensely in his speech. The boy could talk under water with a mouthful of marbles!

He is so friendly and outgoing, he will say hello to anyone, I’m not sure if we should worry but he doesn’t seem to have too much of a sense of stranger danger. Noah and I have formed our strong bond again. I have become a better parent (I hope), consciously trying to work on myself. Taking deep breaths and not reacting or giving in to negative behaviour.

It’s a huge learning curve for both of us. He is my first-born and I don’t know what the hell I’m doing, what parent does?! He is a growing little person, the world is so new and big to him and so he is trying to figure it all out.


He is an amazing big brother and loves to constantly shower his little sister in kisses and cuddles in-between the rough housing. He will give me random kisses all throughout the day, my leg, arm, shoulder, wherever his little tippy toes can reach. Wherever I am standing and whatever we are doing. And of course the lips, always smack bang on the lips. He really is the sweetest little boy

We by no means have finished with the terrible twos, some days are harder than others. But, I need to have this as a reminder, to appreciate each day as they are. When the days are tough and I am repeating myself a thousand times. When he takes over an hour to get to bed, or fights me for one thing or another. I need to remember he will only be little once, and those random sweet kisses will become less and less. Eventually he won’t be my little baby boy forever.

If you’re not familiar with the poem ‘the last time’ then you should look it up. It is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes and make you want to be more present in each day and moment as they happen.


Oh to be two





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