This past weekend was an ordinary one. We started off as normal with swimming lessons but they were unfortunately cut short by someones bodily functions. Always someone who has to ruin it 😛 I am not exactly sure on what it was but I think it’s best we keep it that way!

The kids both have minor colds that they can’t seem to shake! This weather is driving me nuts, is it warm, is it cold, rain, snow? Pick one! So both kids were up all night on Saturday, Noah coughing and Siena irritable for some reason. I have not had that little amount of sleep in a long time. Siena would not sleep without being on me or next to me. It was a night of musical beds. Joe and Noah in our bed, Siena and me in Noah’s bed. All the coffee couldn’t keep me awake. Poor kids, poor us 😉 We tried to go to the nursery to get some ideas on what we can do in our backyard but the kid’s weren’t having it. We left with two very tired, very cranky, very loud crying toddlers. Oh the joys of parenthood!

The highlight was definitely getting Mexican food. Can you go wrong? I don’t think so. The kids were finally happy and I was in guacamole and salsa heaven. We pretty much spent the rest of Sunday afternoon watching movies, thank you Netflix and chocolate easter eggs!

Also, this recipe for Vegan mousse came up on my Facebook on the weekend. I HAD to try it. I didn’t use vegan chocolate (I’m not actually vegan) but I was so curious about this aquafaba, anyway, it actually turned out and it was YUM!

Despite having an off few days…here are some photos from the weekend!

Photos from the weekend


Photos from the weekend

Photos from the weekend

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