I use to shower twice a day, morning and night. It was something I didn’t even think about, it was my routine. Even after I had Noah I could pop him in his bouncer while I showered of a morning. Now that we have added another one into the mix, I have kissed my weekday morning showers goodbye. I really look forward to my evening shower. I get that 10-20 minutes allll to myself. Bliss. I have curated a list of products for the busy mum that still make me feel fresh, clean and good about myself

Here is my list of products for the busy mum:

Makeup Eraser – This cloth is great! I keep it in the shower and clean my face with it. It takes off everything. I have used this by itself but I like to double cleanse. So I wash my face with face wash first and to save my skin from drying out, I follow-up with this cloth. It cleans all the last remnants of mascara and foundation around the hairline.

Living Proof Perfect hair day – Like it says, It does the job of 5 products in one. It is designed to make your style last longer, so you don’t need to wash and style your hair as often, thus less damage is caused to your hair. On the days I do get to style my hair I really like to use this so I get more life out of my style. Bit more of a pricier product but, I have had this bottle since November last year so it’s lasted me a long time!

Jergens natural glow – I really like this gradual tanner. I apply it every second day or so. The colour is a really nice natural light tan. I always feel healthier with a tan on my skin. Plus its safer than laying in the sun.

Revlon Colourstay Gel Envy- I really like to have my toes and nails painted. Especially my toes. They can never be without polish! I have tried a few drugstore gel polishes and this one by far outlasts the others that I have tried. ‘All or nothing’ is my favourite light pink colour that I like to apply on my nails. I can usually go 4-5 days without major chipping and I am always washing my hands and cleaning up after babies.

Batiste Dry ShampooThis is the only dry shampoo I like to use. I LOVE the smell of the tropical scent. I don’t like the feeling that most dry shampoos leave in my hair. With most dry shampoos my hair ends up feeling dirtier than it did in the first place. But, this is a good one. I can spray in my hair if its greasy and I want to go out and run some errands.

I should also mention that I always use deodorant too, but I think that one goes without saying 😉 Along with that, these are my most used products in my beauty routine, aside from my makeup. They are affordable and easily accessible which is something needed when you’re a busy mother!

What are you favourite busy mum products?



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